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Check diskusage for a guest server on an ESX installation. The check is done through the vcenter/vSphere API, meaning that the guest server's disk usage can be checked without installing/configuring anything.
The plugin allows you to query the disk usage percentage on a server, via the VMWare vSphere/vcenter API. This means that virtual machines may be monitored for disk space problems without having to install+configure special agent software or SNMP agents on the virtual servers.

The downside is that the vcenter API is based on the SOAP protocol which is an obese and ugly protocol; thus, this plugin may result in higher overall resouce usage, compared to (e.g.) a SNMP based check.


* On the Nagios host where the check is run:
o vcenter/vSphere SDK for Perl:
o The OS environment may need to be adjusted to allow the vSphere SDK modules to be found by the plugin. E.g., if the SDK is installed in /usr/local/vmware, you may set the following environment variable:
* A vSphere/vCenter server governing the relevant ESX installation.
* A user on the vSphere/vcenter server with minimal privileges - just enough to read virtual machine status information. The plugin defaults to using a user called "nagios" (password "nagios"), but this may be adjusted via plugin arguments.
Reviews (1)
byxoroz, June 5, 2019
works great also on vSphere 6.5
Windows or Linux!

This is a great plugin
thank you for the work