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vmware.nagiosExample Nagios template
vmware-host.nagiosExample Nagios template for VM
vmware.mrtgExample MRTG template
vmware-host.mrtgExample MRTG template for VM
check_esx2.2.tarFull package v2.2
check_esx2.3.tarFull package v2.3
check_esx2.4.tarFull package v2.4
check_esx3.0alpha.tarFull package v3.0alpha
Network Monitoring Software - Download Nagios XI
Log Management Software - Nagios Log Server - Download
Netflow Analysis Software - Nagios Network Analyzer - Download
Check CPU, Memory, Network, and VM Status on a VMWare ESX virtual server, via SNMP. Also support for MRTG querying, and listing VMs/interfaces. V2.3 fixes minor problems triggered by the Nagios 2 embedded perl compiler.
This plugin will work with both Nagios and MRTG. It takes various arguments, so that you can pull out global information or per-VM information.

Note that the VMWare SNMP daemon can support reporting on load average and filesystem space - so adding these lines:

load 10 10 10
disk /

to your /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf will allow these to be reported.

This includes example templates for Nagios and MRTG.

Use the -h flag to the check_esx plugin for usage syntax.

Now also includes, a utility to run every 5 mins which works with RRDTool to gather data, and dynamically reconfigures MRTG config files which can be passed to any MRTG display utility.

Updated to v2.2 to fix a few bugs.

Version 2.4 supports ESX 3.x (I think) as well as 2.x

Version 3.0alpha properly supports ESX 3.x (where x<5) but is still in testing. This also includes check_vcpu and check_vmem plugins to run under NRPE on Linux and Windows to use new vmware_tools API to check virtual CPU and Memory usage from within the guest. Although this version has passed all testing so far it should not be considered a full release candidate.

Version 3.0 developed with the help of Groundwork OpenSource. Thanks guys!

Note that ESX3.5 has a lot of problems with this now. A major rewrite is planned.