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Check_Ram on Linux 32-bit and 64-bit systems


Checks the ram usage on the local machine, good for remote checks using nrpe. Works on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems.



Check a Rocks cluster for dead nodes




A constant thread - a security breach. This small plugin uses the capabilities of the "Rootkit Hunter", an open source solution downloadable from http://sourceforge.net/projects/rkhunter/



Checks the mount table for read-only mounts - these are usually a sign of trouble (broken filesystem etc.)


check_rpc - modified version

Modified version of the original check_rpc plugin with dynamic rpc list.



This plugin checks the rsync-incr directory, checking the backup.




Check disk status with smartmontools.




Check disk drives for s.m.a.r.t. attributes failures.




Bash script to check if snort daemon is up and running.


check_ssl_cert PHP version

A PHP alternative to check_ssl_cert.perl



Checks for available patches on SuSE and SLES Linux.




Check the swap space on SuSE Linux Boxes




Python plugin to check the status of a software based RAID device. patched version. So it will work on fc1,2,3,4,5 centos 4, Debian woody,sarge hosts.



Checks the time on the remote machine using ICMP Timestamp packets (sent using sing command).



Checks the top running process on the system. Has arguments for warning and critical levels.



Checks interface traffic by querying the proc-Filesystem without SNMP !




A plugin to check that a file/directory of files have a recent update to them. This can be useful for checking for stale log files on systems that don't have other means of tracking the health of services.



check the uptime of a system



A simple bash script which does the same as check_users from the official Nagios Plugins does. Additional you can exclude users or groups from being counted.



Checks if a named vserver (www.linux-vserver.org) is up




Monitor disk space, memory and swap usage using the vsmon backend, with a "no configuration" philosophy.



Plugin to check XEN Server. - checks DOM0 functionality (daemon, reloc-server, httpd-server) - checks status of given DOMU - fixed bugs - fixed some more bugs and did some improvements - did some improvements conce




Monitor available software updates for zypp based systems like openSUSE or SUSE Linux Enterprise.


Count a running process number

You can count any process, and you can add warning & critical thresholds, both low and high. For example: $ check_ps_count.sh -p bind OK: bind found 1 time



check a directory for a min/max number of files for unix/windows


cups queue sh


Small script to locally check the queue of cups printers.


Debian upgrades


This plugin updates Debian apt database, then checks for available upgrades to install. Set WARNING if upgrades are available, OK otherwise (nothing to upgrade). Useful to be warned when security updates are available for your system.


Esx Checks using php and ssh keypairs


Some esx checks written in php using a ssh keypair system for people who want to keep their system certification by not installing external software and don\'t want to use snmp.


example processing service performance data

A script to store performance data in rrdtool databases written in perl.


freebsd check memory


check_mem.pl that uses /sbin/sysctl instead of vmstat for FreeBSD


GFS Counters

GFS performance data. Returns values under Absolute from "gfs_tool counters" for trending purposes.


GWFL Nagios Plugins has moved...


You can find the GWFL Nagios Plugins under Plugin Packages!



check temperatures, fan and powersupply status with the hplog utility for HP proliant, etc servers. No need for snmp


HylaFAX fax queue monitor


Plugin to monitor how many jobs are currently in a HylaFAX fax queue.


Hylafax faxqueue

Watch to the hylafax faxqueue


Hylafax Queue Check

Another Check Plugin for Hylafax. You have to run it with ssh. The Plugin only checks for faxes with errors, not for the count of them in sendq.


IBM WebSphere MQSeries Queues Monitor

This simple plugin gets deepness in MQSeries queues, and returns his value.


Nagios Alert Emailer

A direct replacement for the basic nagios email command. This perl script will take standard Nagios commandline parameters and send an email to a configured email server, recipient and address.


Nagios Alerts via gmail and python

A simple replacement for the standard Nagios email command. It consists of a Python script to send Nagios Alert Notifications (email) with Gmail using TLS.


Nagios Checker


The Firefox browser statusbar indicator of the events from Nagios.


nagios on xampp


Project to use xampp project as a webserver an simple for install the program


Network Bonding

Check if physical interfaces are plugged in, and warns when one link is dead.


NRPE init script


Just a script to facilitate restarts of nrpe and automatically start the nrpe daemon at different run levels.


Running kernel compared to installed kernel version - u...

Finds the current running kernel version and compares it to the latest installed kernel version. Shows a warning if you need a reboot.



Shows users logged on to a machine. Can alert on certain users being logged in using either a whitelist or blacklist (or both) or if certain users are not logged in. Reflects original Nagios plugin, -w and -c alert on number of users on system.


Software RAID

Python plugin to check the status of a software based RAID device.


Start Stop Restart NRPE Script

Just a quick script to drop in to your /etc/init.d directory and added it to your run levels using "chkconfig --add nrpe". Afterwards you can run "service nrpe stop, start, restart" commands. This has been tested with Fedora Core &


VMWare ESX vdf Virtual File System Check


Checks free space on VMWare ESX 3.5 vmfs datastores using /usr/sbin/vdf -h.


VMWare Server monitor

Monitors a VMWare Server's VMs This is intended to be run on the remote server running VMWare Server via NRPE / OpsView Agent

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