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Debian upgrades

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check_debian.tgzplugin and readme
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This plugin updates Debian apt database, then checks for available upgrades to install. Set WARNING if upgrades are available, OK otherwise (nothing to upgrade). Useful to be warned when security updates are available for your system.
This plugin checks for available updates for your Debian system.
It runs apt-get update, then checks apt-get upgrade for available packages.

If there are available updates, it issues a WARNING level, otherwise OK.
It there is a problem with apt-get, CRITICAL is issued.

This way, you may be warned when updates (security and others) are available for your system to avoid keeping unsecure versions.

The plugin is a bash script.
Pay attention not to run the script too often. Once in 24h is usually enough. Otherwise, you will put unnecessary stress on your system and on Debian servers.