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Count a running process number

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You can count any process, and you can add warning & critical thresholds, both low and high. For example:

$ check_ps_count.sh -p bind
OK: bind found 1 time
Tested under Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 and Gentoo Linux.

$ check_ps_count.sh -p apache

OK: apache found 9 times

$ check_ps_count.sh -p mysqld -hw 3 -hc 7

WARNING: mysqld is running more than 5 times (Treshold 3/7)

$ check_ps_count.sh -p bsdradius

CRITICAL: bsdradius not found

$ check_ps_count.sh -p exim -lw 5 -lc 3

CRITICAL: exim is running 1 time only (Treshold 5/3)