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Running kernel compared to installed kernel version - updated!

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Finds the current running kernel version and compares it to the latest installed kernel version. Shows a warning if you need a reboot.
This script will find the running kernel version and compare it to the latest installed version (through apt!)
Tested on Debian Etch, Debian Lenny and Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS.

The script returns a warning when the installed version is higher than the running version, telling you that there is a reboot required.

We use it to track system maintenance status, as not all systems can be rebooted at request.

Update 2009-05-05: Added support for Debian Lenny.
Reviews (3)
byqoreqyas, July 2, 2013
i updated this script to work with debian squeeze
i also changed the behaviour how the upstream version is determined (from hardcoded 2.6.X to check target of /vmlinuz)

since i dont have ubuntu and can not test it i threw out the ubuntu stuff
Seems like you were wrong :-(
The latest Ubuntu 12.04 is based on kernel 3.2... and it still needs the reboot after upgrade.

Can you please support also the new kernel versions?
Wow, that does exactly what we plotted how we would monitor the kernel version. Just as I needed this.

I've modified the script so that it works with recent versions of Debian Lenny and Squeeze (version schema seems to have changed with time)