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check_zyppercheck_zypper v1.01
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Monitor available software updates for zypp based systems like openSUSE or SUSE Linux Enterprise.
* You are running a zypp based based system like openSUSE> 10.2 or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server> 10 SP1?
* You like to know which host in your serverfarm lacks security updates?
* You like to know if there are package updates available from resp. the openSUSE Build Service ?
* You already use Nagios to monitor your hosts?

Then you want to use this Nagios Plugin: "check_zypper". This plugin checks for security, recommended and optional patches and also for optional package updates. You can define the reporting level and verbosity of the output. Ignoring single patches or packages is also possible.

Please have a look at the project homepage or use the help output of the check_zypper command for details.

Please use the Software Portal to find an installable package for your distribution. The plugin is developed in the server:monitoring project in the openSUSE Build Service.
Reviews (1)
This script did not work for me on SLES 11 SP3.

Had to change line 493 from
if (( "$release" eq "10.2" ) || ("$dist" eq "SLE") ){
if (( "$release" eq "10.2" ) || ("$dist" eq "SLE10") ){

I think SLE10 could be any string other then SLE, but needed to make sure the flow went down the ELSE path.

Works great now.