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Nagios Exchange

NagiosĀ® Exchange is the central place where you'll find all types of Nagios projects - plugins, addons, documentation, extensions, and more. This site is designed for the Nagios Community to share its Nagios creations.

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Newest Nagios Projects

  • Check Kaspersky Security for Linux Mail Server (KLMS)

    Bash shell Script for Nagios & NagiosXI, checks if the KLMS application is running OK, has a connection to the LDAP server and has it's Databases up to date. It's written as simple as posible to maintain compatibilty between different Linux OS. Verified compatible with the following OS: Ubuntu v16.04.1-5 LTS CentOS v6.10 (Final) BusyBox v1.22.1 Released under GPLv3. Author: Carlos Ijalba - 2018.

  • Check Raspberry Pi Temperature

    This bash script reports on and checks CPU and GPU temperature of the local Rapsberry Pi single-board computer, and warns if it exceeds the thresholds. The actual code is managed in the following GitHub rebository - please use the Issue Tracker to ask questions, report problems or request enhancements.

  • check_vranger_backup

    This plugin uses VRanger PowerShell extensions to provide the result of all recent scheduled (not on-demand) backups.

  • How To Create A Nagios Fusion Instance In The Amazon EC2 Cloud

    This document describes how to launch a new pre-installed Nagios Fusion server in the Amazon EC2 cloud in order to quickly run a trial of Nagios Fusion without using physical hardware, migrate existing physical installations to a cloud infrastructure, and/or scale an existing Fusion monitoring environment. This document is intended for use by Nagios Fusion Administrators who would like to bring up new Nagios Fusion instances in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

  • Bandwidth Up and down checker

    This plugins monitor the average bandwidth utilisation over N seconds. The script is executed on the localhost, reading interface statistics files. To use with NRPE or other agent. Example service definition: define service { host_name Linux Test service_description Bandwidth usage use generic-service check_command check_nrpe!check_bandwidth!-a '-w 20 -c 10 -ct=10'!!!!!! max_check_attempts 1 check_interval 1 retry_interval 1 register 1 } NRPE command: command[check_bandwidth]=/usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_bandwidth $ARG1$

  • Check_docker_swarm

    This is a plugin that monitors docker swarm quorum i.e. it monitors how many manager nodes of the docker swarm are up and healthy. This plugin returns 'OK' when all the managers are healthy and reachable or when we are trying to run the plugin on the worker node. On the other hand it returns 'WARNING' when any of the manger node is down, and 'CRITICAL' if more than half of the manager nodes are unreachable...

  • Statusengine

    Statusengine is a project to process and store event data collected by Nagios. Statusengine will save all monitoring data to MySQL, CrateDB or Redis. It also has an inbuild performance data processor, which is able to save perfdata to Graphite, CrateDB, Elasticsearch and MySQL.

  • Statusengine UI

    Statusengine UI is a lightweight, responsive, modern web interface, you can use, to make your monitoring data visible.

  • check_couchbase_node

    Python script which sends GET request to couchbase cluster REST api: http://cluster_dns/pools/nodes

  • Cisco WLC users Script (PHP)

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