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Nagios Exchange

NagiosĀ® Exchange is the central place where you'll find all types of Nagios projects - plugins, addons, documentation, extensions, and more. This site is designed for the Nagios Community to share its Nagios creations.

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Install Nagios Core 4 in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Install Nagios Core 4 in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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Newest Nagios Projects

  • check_network_device_ping

    Logs onto a remote network device, executes native ping command and parses the results. To avoid establishing hundreds of telnet sessions to the same device and to circumvent CLI session limits imposed by some platforms (ie. Cisco IOS's 5 vtys), pinging is done by a background process ('daemon') started once per network device. Each daemon will keep a CLI session open as long as there are checks to be performed. If left idle, daemons will die out after a (configurable) period of inactivity. This way, all checks performed by one device are controlled by a single remote CLI session as long as those checks are not too far apart. Features: * Supports several platforms including (but not limited to) ios, iosxr and junos and is easily extensible. * Supports pinging inside VRFs and source address/interface selection along with other, more common parameters like ping timeout, packet count and size. * Basically depends only on Net::Telnet module, as other required modules are either already included in Perl distribution or installed on most systems by default.

  • check_lag

    This nagios plugin checks lag members on Ethernet switches and controls if they are active. It queries the LAG MIB (.1.2.840.10006.300.43).

  • Check Docker

    A plugin to check docker containers. Currently supports checking memory restarts status

  • Keepalived IPVS

    Checks the status of Keepalived IPVS via SNMP. Additionally, this check provides details of the IP virtual servers and real servers configured within Keepalived.

  • check_rpi_temperature

    check raspberry pi temperature with perfdata and warn/crit thresholds

  • Keepalived VRRP

    Checks the status of Keepalived VRRP via SNMP. Additionally, this check provides details of the VRRP instances configured within Keepalived.

  • box293_check_sensehat

    This plugin is designed to be running on a Raspberry Pi device that has the Sense HAT module connected to it. The plugin serves two purposes: 1) Monitoring the temperature and humidity to allow Nagios to alert when thresholds have been exceeded. 2) Scroll the temperature and humidity on the 8x8 LED Matrix. Refer to the plugin manual for detailed information. How all of this works is explained in the manual including full instructions to get you up and running as quickly as possible. The manual is included with the plugin.

  • check_vmware_status

    This is a simple, bash-based plugin to query and/or set the power state of a VMware ESX virtual machine. Full details are at the download site, including help output.

  • Veeam Endpoint Backup Check - Via Event Logs

    Check_veeam_endpoint_eventlogs is a PowerShell script to check if Veeam Endpoint jobs ran properly. If you have the full-blown version of Veeam, please use the check_veeam_eventlogs script instead as it allows for job names. Note: This uses built-in Windows event logs to check for Veeam backup codes and it does *not* utilize the Veeam PowerShell snap-in because I had far too many issues on far too many systems. Yes, I also realize Veeam has the built-in capability to email, but that doesn't scale well with any significant number of machines. And if you choose to only send email on failure, what happens if email isn't working -- spam blocks, authentication failures, etc? Too many possibilities to assume email notifications are even remotely reliable and Nagios is able to consolidate all alerts to a central location. I have tested this extensively using NCPA, although NRPE and other agents would likely work. If you have issues with it, please let me know and I will make changes as necessary. The script is heavily commented and very readable with numerous usage examples in the script itself. Enjoy!

  • Asterisk Fax Statistics

    This is a passive Nagios plugin to gather the fax statistics for Asterisk systems. This package contains plugin versions for both the Spandsp and Digium FFA ( Fax for Asterisk ) modules.

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