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Category: Patches

User-contributed patches for Nagios.  Note that some of these may already be incorporated in current versions of Nagios.  Additionally, the official method for supplying patches for Nagios is to email the nagios-devel mailing list.  We're providing these patches because you just might be interested in them.

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There are 3 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Application patch checker

Works only with Debian at present. Pass a space separated parameter of application names and the script will check to see if the applications need to be patched/upgraded. More details in the actual script


check_snmp.patch add ability to multiply the check_snmp result by a float number. Nagios Plugins: 2.2.1




The patch is adding new feature in core nagios. It allos to integrate nagios with documentation -HowTo systems like Wiki, mediawiki,Confluence .. etc. It is connecting each check to corresponding page on WIKI where you can describe in detail what to d ...