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Nagios Tool for Windows hosts

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The Nagios Toolbox deploys a standard nagios directory to the monitored windows servers, starts / stops the nrpe_nt service, performs updates etc.It simplifies the process to work with multiple monitored windows hosts.
Nagios Toolbox for Windows host supports my daily work. It is a early version and still be in development. It is used to copy a directory to destination host(s), start and stop services etc. It can be configured to do this with every service.

Nagios Toolbox for Windows host is still in development.
What it does right now:
- takes local directory and distribute it to destination host
- manage server lists
- starts / stops services
- updates remote nagios directories, configuration etc.
- Can be used with any client

for single and multiple hosts.

Feel free to send comments and wishes.

Visual Basic Express 2005 and .Net Framework are needed.

Many improvements but still no help files ...