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Monitoring F5 BigIP TMM Utilization with Nagios and SNMP

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In this blog you will find a perl script, which you can use to monitor F5 BigIP TMM utilization with Nagios and SNMP.
Reviews (1)

first of all thanks so much for this plugin, great work!

I would like share with you something I have spotted as I have been using this plugin and always getting the same log output

[code] " TMM ulitization= 1 " [/code]

Having a look the script the function to round the variable I think it is not correct

[code]# Round to integer
$tmm_cpu = int($tmm_cpu + .5);[/code]

This is truncating the decimals with the int casting as you are only adding 0.5 and the number is in a range between 0 and 1, so I have changed it and now it is displaying fine:

# Round to integer
$tmm_cpu = int($tmm_cpu * 100); [/code]

just multiplying by 100 you get the percentage

[code] xxxx:/usr/local/nagios/libexec # ./check_f5_tmm.pl HOST STRING 76 90
OK: TMM utilization is 51 | pct=51

hope it helps, thanks