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Category: File System

Nagios plugins for monitoring various aspects of file systems (files, file counts, directories, mount points, etc.)

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Additional listings are organized in the following sub-categories:
  • GFS (1 listings)
  • GPFS (4 listings)
  • NFS (6 listings)
  • SMB (12 listings)
Category Listings:
There are 63 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!


check_disk_snmp This Perl script uses SNMP to check remote Unix disk partitions and offers some good flexibility on regex inclusions and exclusions.


This script checks all mounted ext2/3 filesystems with dumpe2fs/tune2fs. It checks the mount count againts the max and also the next scheduled check. It gives WARNING in case there is 7 or less days to next check of if mount counter is nearing ...

LicenseGPL - Check files age and number of files in...

This plugin takes "ls"-like file spec (such as *.tmp) and counts how many such files are there allowing to send alerts if its too many. It can also check file age and alert if file or directory has not been updated in a while. Performance info on number o ...



Plugin to check integrity of files based on filesize (Checksum in bytes) in Windows systems. - komma-separated list for excludes, supports regex in filenames. Help with “check_filesystem help” Tested with NRPE and NSClient++

A simple plugin for nagios that will check a directory to make sure files are moving out.



This plugin pulls all files in each specified directory, and checks their created time against the current time. If the maximum age of any file is exceeded, a warning/critical message is returned as appropriate. This is useful for examining backup directo ...


check_file_count Plugin to check/count the number of files and/or directories (incl/excl subs). Warnings on low/high/equal.


This is going to check the number of files in a specific directory is below certain thresholds and return results in a nagios compatible format. Usage: -d = Directory to be checked. Example: "-d /tmp/". Required parameter. -w,-c = Warnin ...



Simply script to check if a file exists or not. - return OK if file exists - return CRITICAL if the file does not exists



check_file_exists_glob Check for existence or non-existence of a file or files - using glob patterns.


Check_file is a plugin which checks to see if a specified file is present in a directory.



Has not been tested with other versions of Nagios other than 3.1.4.



Check to see if a file system is writable.

LicenseGPL A simple plugin for nrpe users that takes care of the new created or removed file-systems and informs you.


Checks the status and number of bricks of GlusterFS. -v data -n 2 GLUSTER OK - Volume data is Stable



A plugin for nagios to check that a glusterfs partition is correctly mounted.


A nagios check script for alerting on distributed geo-replication in non-optimal states. Written in bash.



check_mdf - Check Minimum accepted Disk Free space Usage description: ------------------ Script/Nagios plugin checks all local FS's in one round run. It checks 2(4) thresholds together. You can't think of modify FS check params (e.g. in nrpe.c ...



Bash script to check mounted devices, passing arguments mount point OR device, and type of filesystem (useful for nfs mountpoints).

check_mount by fuqu

check if a specifoc mountpoint is mounted, optional check filesystemtype, and mountoptions USAGE: ./check_mount -m MOUNTPOINT [-t TYPE] [-o OPTIONS]

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