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Category: File System

Nagios plugins for monitoring various aspects of file systems (files, file counts, directories, mount points, etc.)

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  • GPFS (4 listings)
  • NFS (6 listings)
  • SMB (14 listings)
Category Listings:
There are 74 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!


checks a users' quota This scripts allows you to check the quota for a specific user, a specific group or all quota users (based on the repquota output), or the dirquota output for directories in Windows systems. Provides perfdata if requested.


The script check the filesystem in remote aix hosts.



This plugin allows alert once the storage space is exceeded It is based on the command 'du -s'



Nagios plugin for Quantum StorNext Filesystem. Check internal filesystem latency for clients via Quantum's cvadmin utility. Returns average of all clients as well as lowest / highest client latency with optional DNS name / IP. Should work with all SN ...



Simple bash script checks Quantum StorNext File System (SNFS, CVFS) statistics files and retrieves HiPriority Latency Data. Warns if threshold is exeeded and outputs performance data. Supplied pn4nagios template graphs PIO Read/Write average, minimum and ...



Checks vzquota limits


Another plugin to check files in Windows. Meant to be run via an agent like NCPA. Check if a file exists, check the size of a file, check the number of files in a directory. In 1.2, you now get performance data if you're checking either the number of f ...



check windows hd usage by SNMP (works with ePN)


Checks available drive space on ALL drives of a Windoze server.

plugin: Windows SNMP storage check for disk and memory


Shell Script Plugin to Check the filesystem status for ZFS on Solaris 10.



Monitoring plugin to check how long ago the last ZFS scrub was performed.



zpool status checker (multiple zpool support)


Diskspace monitor script

Checks the diskspace on your HP-UX system.

Enhanced SNMP Windows Disk Check

Perl script that uses SNMP (via snmpget) to get disk usage information from Windows hosts. Outputs usage %, total, used and free space in human-readable format with auto-scaling (KiB up to TiB).

Enhanced SNMP Windows Disk Check - Check all partitions...

Based on the script posted here by Dan Capper. Enhancements - all partitions are detected dynamically and tested. Detailed check report (includes Drive letter + supplied threshold). Most "critical" drive will be shown first. Some er ...

File Age Check

This Python script works on both Windows and *nix boxes and returns the date of the file (modified, access, or create) in human understandable form. (Only English.)

Check's the size of a file or directory Examples: Usage: --warn=5 --critical=20 --file=c:somefile.exe Usage: --warn=5 --critical=20 --file=c:somedir Usage: --warn=0.5:1 --critical=1.1:2.5 --file=c:somedi ...


GlusterFS checks

Checks GlusterFS health on the server. Tests include: - daemons running - number of bricks online - disk space - healing status



Extensive Nagios check for GlusterFS v3.7



This plugin checks the size, amount of files and writeability of a windows smb share.


This is taken from an existing script but ammended to auto discover paritions ./snmp_remote_disk_auto localhost public 100 |-|ALL DISKS OK: / (1415 MB) /var (5657 MB) /tmp (958 MB) /boot (175 MB)

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