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Category: NFS

Nagios plugins for monitoring NFS.

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check mountpoints like nfs, cifs, davfs, lustre, ocf2, ...

Check if all specified nfs/cifs/davfs mounts exist and if they are correct implemented. That means we check /etc/fstab, the mountpoints in the filesystem and if they are mounted. It is written for Linux and Solaris, uses proc-Filesystem and was tested on ...


check_nfs / check_nfs_file

Two Nagios plugins to verify the presence and used disk space of an NFS share, and the existance of a file on that mount, without needing to mount the share from the OS. Accessing NFS files using the OS may result in long delays, and unkillable processes ...


I didn't like any of the NFS scripts I saw so I put together what I thought was a more elegant solution.



Check NFS mounts are available on a server using showmount command


I threw this together quick, it uses the local output of showmount -e to verify a specific filesystem is exported. Does NOT check if portmapper is running Does NOT check what hosts have permission to the mountpoint ONLY tested on CentOS 6.4 currently ...



this is working in my net with little effort