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  • Nagios 3.x
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This script looks if there is a puppet agent process and then it checks the last state summary file and checks when puppet agent last run the catalog.
plugin should be run by rnpe (or similar software) and reports ok. warn or crit back.

This plugin checks some fail counters and warn about them if any of them is greater than 0.

One last thing: I only had the opportunity to test this script on a few CentOS 6 and Debian 7 boxes (both running the puppet agent from the puppetlabs repo's which are at 3.7 at the time I write this).
However, David Stirling offered BSD compat a long time ago and today I finally added that, without being able to test on BSD.
Reviews (1)
byrrobert, September 13, 2013
Hard-coded paths make this difficult to use. There's not always (and probably shouldn't ever) be a link to the puppet binary in /usr/bin.

A simpler option is to use the status option of the puppet init script, i.e, /sbin/service pe-puppet status or /etc/init.d/*puppet status.
Owner's reply

@rrobert: Thanks for your comment, excuse me for late response. I totally agree on this and solved that today. See the latest version of this script on github.