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FileDescription v1.8
check_mem.zipcheck_mem v1.8
Network Monitoring Software - Download Nagios XI
Log Management Software - Nagios Log Server - Download
Netflow Analysis Software - Nagios Network Analyzer - Download
Latest Version of check_mem. This perl linux plugin checks the percentage of memory usage with performance data.
This plugin may be used as nrpe plugin and checks the amount of memory free, used and total available by using the linux "free -mt" command.

+++++ 1.8 Rouven Homann - rouven DOT homann AT cimt DOT de
* added findbin patch from Duane Toler
* added backward compatibility patch from Timour Ezeev

+++++ 1.7 Ingo Lantschner - ingo AT boxbe DOT com
* adapted for systems with no swap (avoiding divison through zero)

+++++ 1.6 Cedric Temple - cedric DOT temple AT cedrictemple DOT info
* add swap monitoring
* if warning and critical threshold are 0, exit with OK
* add a directive to exclude/include buffers

+++++ 1.5 Rouven Homann - rouven DOT homann AT cimt DOT de
* perfomance tweak with free -mt (just one sub process started instead of 7)
* more code cleanup

+++++ 1.4 Garrett Honeycutt -
* Fixed PerfData output to adhere to standards and show crit/warn values

+++++ 1.3 Rouven Homann - rouven DOT homann AT cimt DOT de
* Memory installed, used and free displayed in verbose mode
* Bit Code Cleanup

+++++ 1.2 Rouven Homann - rouven DOT homann AT cimt DOT de
* Bug fixed where verbose output was required (nrpe2)
* Bug fixed where perfomance data was not displayed at verbose output
* FindBin Module used for the nagios plugin path of the

+++++ 1.1 Rouven Homann - rouven DOT homann AT cimt DOT de
* Status Support (-c, -w)
* Syntax Help Informations (-h)
* Version Informations Output (-V)
* Verbose Output (-v)
* Better Error Code Output (as described in plugin guideline)

+++++ 1.0 Garrett Honeycutt -
* Initial Release
Reviews (2)
bykabamaru, September 25, 2023
Many thanks to everyone that spend their personal time to write this.
byCircaLucid, January 2, 2015
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
I was just looking to monitor Linux memory usage in Nagios. Only tweaks I made were to sed out the HTML tags and set DONT_INCLUDE_BUFFERS to 1. Excellent plugin though.