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Category: SNMP

Nagios plugins for monitoring SNMP.

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Category Listings:
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A Nagios SNMP Plugin That Obeys snmp.conf

This is a community-distributed script, aimed at resolving the issue with the check_snmp plugin not using the snmp.conf file.


Advanced Network Interface Check - check_netint / check...

This plugin checks port status, STP, traffic and errors data of network interfaces. It is optimized for faster execution and has advanced support of cisco switches. Starting with 2.4 version it be used both with SNMP and run locally on linux servers. The ...



Always more than one-way script based nms plugins tools supplement.

APAN check mem usage and check net usage

Adds new functions to the nagios plugin check_mem_usage and net_usage, adding porcentages and ranges. It could be useful for other implementations only making the call with other OID'S in the apan.cfg

APC check_apc_env

Plugin to check the temperature and humidity status via snmp of a APC Environmental module. The APC environmental module I used: AP9312THI My two

APC check_apc_ups

Plugin to check the status of different APS UPS systems. You can use this to get nice graphs and see the trends. My two cents to the Nagios community :) maybe somebody will enjoy this plugin. Grtz, Ro

APC Environmental Monitoring Unit

The simple plugin checks an APC EMU via SNMP

APC Extra Device Monitoring

This plugin monitors several APC power and air conditioning units for most pertinent information. Includes support for ACRC and ACSC In-row AC units, NetBotz main sensors, and 3-phase rack PDUs.

APC PDU Monitoring

Checks with SNMP the power status of APC PDUs. The needed MIB is attached too.

APC PDU Monitoring - updated

Ruby port and update of rouven's APC PDU Monitoring plugin.

APC UPS Health and Load

Simple Checkcommands based on check_snmp to monitor APC UPS Devices.

APC UPS monitoring

Designed for monitoring APC Uninterruptable Power Supplies - specifically SmartUPS devices with AP9617 SNMP management cards installed.


ASNMTAP::Asnmtap::Plugin::Nagios provides a nice object oriented interface for building Nagios ( compatible plugins.

Assorted Nagios Plugins

Assorted SNMP plugins including UPS (standard RFC-1628 MIB to cover most models), environmental (APC & Powerwave), and wireless networks (Symbol/Motorola).

Barracuda check_snmp_barracuda

Plugin to check the status of the three mail queues of the barracuda mail and spam filter system. My two tiny cents to the Nagios community :)

Brocade switches check_snmp_brocade

Plugin to check the status of Brocade SAN switches. You can use this to get nice graphs and see the trends. My two cents to the Nagios community :) maybe someone will enjoy this plugin.

bulk SNMP check

perl wrapper around snmpwalk to check a bunch of OIDs in bulk

Check Admin Up Oper Down

Check Admin Up Oper down uses SNMP to find interfaces which are enabled (no shutdown), but are still operationally down. It then reports an issue and lists the interfaces in the down state.

Check AIX Filesystem via SNMP

Check the filesystem aix by name via snmp - bash script


Check AP on WS5000 Symbol Switch

Checks if a Action Point on WS5000 Switch is okay (Name as a input). (through SNMP).

Check APC PowerChute battery replace status

Simple bash script to check battery replace status via snmp from powerchute

Check Cisco ISDN Calls

Checking Cisco ISDN Lines via SNMP protocol.

Check Cisco Snmp

Multiple cisco fonction check Modules/ Environement / sensor / stacks / hsrp / ironport

Check Citrix NetScaler Health

Citrix NetScaler : Fans, Voltages, Tempertures, HA state & SSL engine state. This script uses SNMP to check hardware based health information contained in Citrix NetScaler Health table nsSysHealthTable.


Check CPU Usage

Check CPU Usage via UCD SNMP MIB. Plugin collects values (us,sy,id,wa) within 5 seconds and calculates an average cpu usage value.

Check Disk Space on windows servers

Check Disk Space on windows servers

Check DiskIO via SNMP

Check Disks via UCD-DISKIO MIB. This plugin checks the disk-IO per second of a diskdevice.


Check Diskspace via SNMP

Check Diskspace via SNMP. Plugin uses UCD SNMP MIB (

Check extensible command table of the UCD-SNMP-MIB

Check extensible command table of the UCD-SNMP-MIB. A table of extensible commands returning output and return codes.

Check ifOperStatus via snmpget

This script checks the ifOperStatus of a network interface via snmpget. The difference with the one provided by the normal distribution of Nagios is that this one works without perl.

Check Juniper SA 6500

Monitor Juniper SA 6500 with SNMP

Check Juniper SA 6500

Monitor Juniper SA 6500 with SNMP

Check Load Average via SNMP

Check Load Average via SNMP. Plugin uses UCD SNMP MIB (

Check LXP Controller using SNMP

check_lxp-controller_load is a plugin to monitor Emerson Network Power LXP controllers using SNMP.

Check Network Interface IO via SNMP

Check Network Interface IO via SNMP MIB-2

Check Processes via SNMP

Check Processes via SNMP. Plugin uses UCD SNMP MIB (

check SNMP Cisco switch link errors

This simple Bash script checks the in and out going errors on Cisco switches using SNMP.

Check SNMP Citrix

Check Citrix Server Connection Information via SNMP. Extra OID's available through snmp4ctx package (

check SNMP CPU Load

Checks by snmp load or cpu usage (Windows, Linux/Unix, AS400, Cisco, Cisco ASA5500, Cisco catalyst, HP Procurve, LinkProof, Blucoat, Nokia, Fortinet, Netscreen, HP-UX). Current version 1.3.3 Nov 13, 2012 - Updated Perfdata to allow better use of data f ...


check snmp Dell megaraid

Plugin that monitors Dell Perc/Megaraid RAID Adaptors via SNMP.

check snmp disk usage

Uses net-snmp library via php to check disk usage on a remote system.

Check SNMP plugins

This is a pack of 3 plugins, written in C in order to monitor efficiently LINUX and WINDOWS machines. (memory,storage,process,load)

check snmp process

Uses net-snmp library via PHP to check for running processes.

Check SNMP Uptime

Most Nagios checks are done every 5 minutes and a device can reboot without you knowing about it. This scrip can be used to check the uptime of a device, it will give a critical or a warning status when the uptime is bellow 15 or 30 minutes.


Check Windows SNMP Disk for BSD OS

Check Windows Disk adapted from Djembe version to *BSD Os with net-snmp5.3.x.

Checkcommands for Ethernetcards

Simple Checkcommands, based on check_snmp to monitor Ethernet Interfaces.


Proyecto para monitorear AKCP SensorProbe2 con nagios.


Check for apt-get updates vis snmp

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