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Check Network Interface IO via SNMP

2 votes
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Check Network Interface IO via SNMP MIB-2
for more information concerning this plugin call:
- check_snmp_netifio -h
- perldoc check_snmp_netifio
Reviews (2)
bynishith, February 21, 2016
Kindly provide what I need to mention in "Network Interface"?

Below is the command, which is showing an error.

./check_snmp_netifio -H -C nocgnr -i QLogic -w 10 -c 10

Use of uninitialized value $state in exit at ./check_snmp_netifio line 192.
byfrank-ijskes, March 24, 2013
0 of 1 people found this review helpful
Only after downloading this, the full workings are available. (Author should have made a description with this file)
It takes a reading, waits 5 seconds and does antoher reading. The difference is used as a measurement.
It drops all info below the MB range, so kB or just Bytes are discarded.

This is not the thing i want for a nagios/performance plugin.