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Check SNMP plugins

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README.txtThe Readme file
check_snmp_plugins.tar.gzThe plugins
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This is a pack of 3 plugins, written in C in order to monitor efficiently LINUX and WINDOWS machines. (memory,storage,process,load)
Written in C to be more efficient than perl/shell/... scripts in order to monitor a lot of servers by SNMP:

All these plugins work immediatly with the basic SNMP implementation on WINDOWS and LINUX.

This package include:
**check_snmp_disk** : Can monitor disk / ram / virtual memory.
**check_snmp_load** : Return the load in % for Windows or the load average for Linux.
**check_snmp_process** : Return the number of process, the memory space. (can check multiples process)

Some examples are in the README File

Compile cleanly with ./configure , make
Reviews (2)
Useful plugin for SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 Environments, sadly SNMPv3 isn't supported to this state September 2022.

USAGE:check_snmp_disk -H HOST -C COMMUNITY -w xx -c xx -m [r,v,d,n]

Required options :
-H HOST Hostname/IP to query
-C COMMUNITY SNMP community name
-m STRING What must be monitored (m = monitor)
r = Physical Memory(RAM)
v = Virtual Memory
d = Fixed Disks
n = Network Disks
Example : '-m rvdn' monitor all
-w xx Warning limit in percent
-c xx Critical limit in percent
Additionnals options :
-h -? Print this help
-V Print Version
-d Provide Performance data output
-s VERSION SNMP VERSION=[1|2c], 3 not supported (1 by default)
-f STRING Additional filter
Example : -f C: , -f /tmp
byopalanque, January 12, 2014
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