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This plugin improves upon the basic check_bgp and does everything via SNMP.



This Perl-based plugin is a sister of check_bgp_counters and does everything via SNMP. For those that have no SNMP trap manager, this poll-based approach will still catch short OSPF outages because certain counters increment or change on OSPF session f ...


USR Robotics/3COM TotalControl RAS monitoring

Perl script to monitor fans, temperature, etc. of USR Robotics/3COM TotalControl RAS


Check condition of Calix ONTs

Using Calix's Management System, this tool will check one or more Calix networks to identify any ONTs that have an error. Output include date, time, location, and customer name. Here's some example output: 02-05 10:02:26 N202-1-14-4-5 (John Smith) Mi ...


Alpha XM health monitoring

This Perl-based plugin checks the health status of Alpha XM units via SNMP. To minimize network and node impact, this script checks the overall health and only if there is an error does it query more tables.


Check various hardware environmental sensors (including...

Builds on michieltimmers's excellent script by adding Brocade MLX/MLXe/XMR, FCX/ICX, VDX, and TurboIron support, including module status, both standalone and in a stack.


Arris CHP monitoring

Monitors the health status (including temperature) of shelves and individual cards in an Arris (previously C-COR) CHP 5000 shelf (http://www.arrisi.com/products/product.asp?id=10)


Check Emerson power systems

Check the status of power systems attached to Emerson ACU Plus controllers.


Check network switch's PoE (Power over Ethernet) usage

Using the standard IETF MIBs this check monitors a network switch's PoE usage and alerts you when hitting self-configurable warning or critical thresholds.


Check resolver for DNSsec support

Perl-based NAGIOS script to check to see if a specified DNS recursive resolver supports DNSsec and properly fails with an incorrectly signed zone.