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Category: OSPF

Nagios plugins for monitoring OSPF.

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Category Listings:
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Checks if OSPF process is active on at least one interface of a network device using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)


check_ospf script that uses OSPF-MIB (ePN compliant)


Retrieves the number of times that the intra-area route table has been calculated using link-state database. Monitoring is done using Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)


This Perl-based plugin is a sister of check_bgp_counters and does everything via SNMP. For those that have no SNMP trap manager, this poll-based approach will still catch short OSPF outages because certain counters increment or change on OSPF session f ...



Checks OSPF v2 and v3 adjacencies (neighbours) using SNMP.


Nagios plugin that checks the status of OSPF neighbors on a Cisco IOS router. Latest version: