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Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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NSCAweb is a Nagios core based monitoring solution addon which allows you to
easily submit (passive) host and service checks over http(s) to the Nagios
external command file. It aims to be a better,more feature rich alternative
than the classic NSCA daemon.
NSCAweb has following features:

- http(s) as transport makes it more friendly in a firewalled environment.
- SSL encryption when desired.
- Supports multiline plugin & performance output.
- Accepts data coming over http or from local named pipes.
- Submit data to many types of destinations: named pipes (nagios.cmd), NSCAweb, NRDP or a file.
- Loadbalance and failover between multiple urls per destination.
- Duplicate and forward passive check results to an "unlimited" amount of destinations.
- Submit messages to 1 destination or all destinations depending on the url messages are send to.
- Simultaneous local and remote delivery.
- Each destination has an independent, dedicated thread and queue.
- Buffering of unavailable destinations and resubmitting when destination comes available to prevent data loss.
- Builtin, multiuser authentication.
- Trivial to submit check results using http post.
- Submit check results in bulk or one by one.
- Use curl as a client from the command line.
Reviews (2)
bywhutest, August 11, 2013
Unfortunately, autor has removed wiki page. The project is great. It very usefull for submitting check results from slave servers to multiple master nodes. I tried to do it through send_gearman, but it doesn't support multiple destinations. =(
Author, please get back installation info.
Thank you!
byramgu, June 28, 2011
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
NSCAweb solves efficiently several passive monitoring problems at once: from the remote monitoring machine, it buffers all data so if the link to main server get´s unstable no data is lost (I myself got more than 40K events buffered under network outage but when connectivity get recovered all events on remote site where inserted flawless into main monitoring station).
The other is Nagios performance issue: with Nsca sending every single event when it occurs it slows down Nagios to death. With NSCAweb this is done so fast that Nagios not even suffers on performance.
It is very easy to install, configure, and even debug connections if it is necessary.
In other words: a great piece of work!