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NSCA Perl Distributed

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smart_notify_mail.plParses path tracing and decides whether to send email
smart_send_nsca.plSends test results to single or multiple hosts, adding path tracing
smart_send_nsca.cfgExample configuration file.
Nsca.pmUpdated Net::Nsca library.
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Perl implementation of NSCA protocol, plus path tracing. Includes a Net::NSCA Perl library.
This is the client for the RedundantDistributedMonitoring system. It consists of three parts:

* Net::Nsca - An updated version of the classic Perl library including a broadcast method.
* smart_send_nsca.pl - Code that uses Net::Nsca->broadcast to send to a number of other host(s).
* smart_notify_mail.pl - Code that does not send the message if it has already passed through a known host (which should have sent the message).

The Net::Nsca->broadcast method sends a message off to a number of hosts, adding path tracing information to the plugin output. It does not send the message if the local hostname or local sitename is already present in the path, avoiding a continual loop of notification messages.

This code is only useful in a distributed monitoring situation where multiple monitoring boxes exist and there is no defined (by design) master server.