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Asterisk Log Analyzer

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  • Nagios Log Server
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Parses Asterisk log files and splits fields into new "asterisk_" prefixed terms. Dashboard shows number of simultaneous inbound and outbound calls, top 10 producers of calls, top 10 inbound numbers being dialed, top 10 outbound numbers being dialed, source (server) of calls (assumes multiple Asterisk servers) and percentage split between inbound/outbound calls.

Updated with new paths for Log Server 1.4.0

NOTE: Files moved to GitHub at the download link listed.
Reviews (1)
bysfalzzon, January 1, 2015
Its great dashboard, I had wondered why you went to so much effort with the grok filter, but then I noticed the grok-asterisk project on github, I hadnt thought about looking online for solutions like that so good work!

not sure why someone else rated this two stars, its clearly good not fair!
Owner's reply

Github grok filter was not up to current versions of Asterisk. It also did not split off everything I wanted into fields. So I had to do some considerable work on it, compared to what was in github.

Thanks for the vote and kind words!