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Category: Monitoring Agents

Agents that allow Nagios to monitor remote systems.

Nagios XI

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AIX Agent

Nagios XI AIX Agent.



Description: Shell Script for Nagios, checks if there are alerts generated by lpar2rrd in a log. It can be used to check the CPU status of a PowerVM LPAR or POOL.



This is a Nagios plugin that checks the status of a milter server that has been configured to listen on a tcp socket. It connects to a running milter server and performs a HELO check for ’localhost’ and expects a ’continue’ result. It will return ...


check_mk - a performant and easy to use generic monitor...


check_mk - a performant and easy to use generic monitoring plugin check_mk replaces NRPE, NSClient, check_snmp and other data plugins. It adopts a completely new approach of retrieving data from hosts and network components which is very performant and easy to configure - especially in large monitoring environments. che ...


vbs script to check new files in a folder with performance graph, it will trigger crticical and ok only. critical if no new files found. note. this use check_nrpe plugin in windows




Simple N way multiplexor for executing one or conditionally two nrpe plugins over a number of hosts. The result is the best case of all the hosts results. This is on the assumption that if the test works for at least one of the hosts that is an overall ...




This is a Nagios plugin that checks the status of a postgrey server that has been configured to listen on a unix socket. It connects to a running postgrey server and sends an example postfix policy request, parses the result to make sure there is one and ...




Here is a script for Nagios that will detect if data is missing for your system on pvoutput.org. If there is no data, the script will return a CRITICAL status that Nagios know how to work with. if there is data available, the script returns an OK statu ...




Simple Nagios Plugin of remote HTTP Executor. The plugin kicks your web server which returns the check result as JSON like: then simply prints the description to STDOUT and exits with the given status code.


DFS Replication and BackLog

Check DFS Replication and Check DFS Backlog are VBS scripts written to check Windows Distributed File System for good status and backlog workflow. Author: Kevin Keck ITDevops ArgoTurbo Corporation


DFSR Replication and BackLog

Check DFS Replication and DFS Backlog Powershell


HDTP (HTTP Data Transfer Plugin)- It is plugin for passive checks of linux servers, which allow you to execute Nagios plugins by started forks for every checks and send result to the Nagios server by HTTP protocol.



JNRPE JNRPE aims to be the best solution to create and execute Nagios JAVA plugins. JNRPE is compatible with check_nrpe and can be used to execute both the old native Nagios plugins and the new Java Nagios plugins. Since it uses the NRPE protocol to communicate ...




Redirect monitoring service checks based on hostname or location


Microsoft DFS Monitor

Simple script to test for Microsoft DFS backlogs using Nagios. Values are hard coded to alert at the moment but are easy to change.


Modified Nsclient Agent - Top 5 CPU & Memory Consuming...


Modified Nsclient Agent  - Top 5 CPU & Memory Consuming Process Details Modified Nsclient++ v1.0 Agent and Modified check_nt(nagios-plugins) for windows servers to get Top 5 CPU or Memory consuming process details right inside your Nagios.




Moncli is a monitoring client for Nagios core based or compatible monitoring frameworks. It aims to be a better,more feature rich alternative than the classic nrpe client. See project website for full details.




NagEventLog Nagios EventLog agent for Windows sends filtered EventLog messages from Windows machines directly to NSCA, allowing you to receive alerts from Nagios.

Nagios Tool for Windows hosts


Nagios Tool for Windows hosts The Nagios Toolbox deploys a standard nagios directory to the monitored windows servers, starts / stops the nrpe_nt service, performs updates etc.It simplifies the process to work with multiple monitored windows hosts.

Nagios WSC


Nagios WSC (Web Service Checker) is a combination of NAGIOS plug-in and .NET web service to enable querying of multiple windows machines via WMI - all nagios queries are sent to one windows machine without having to install clients on all the other window ...



This addon consists of a Python daemon and client that allow you to easily check remote host information (load, users, filesystem, processes, etc.). Released under the BSD license.



A highly configurable, secured, low cost, external remote monitoring probe for Nagios.



NCAP will receive requests by check_ncap, via the nagios (monitoring) host. Then these requests are proxied to actual nrpe daemons.

NCPA - Ansible installation

Ansible role to install NCPA Agent on Linux.




NC_Net NC_Net is a Windows monitoring agent for Nagios. It can perform both passive and active checks, as well as WMI checks, and can run external scripts. Full local or remote configuration. Uses Dot Net Framework 2.0.

NFS Check

Shell script that checks to ensure NFS mounted directory is writable and lists current open files in that directory. Mimics the behavior of lsof -N but does not use lsof as listing the files in /proc/*/pd/* returned faster. Would work for any path real ...




NRPE-Py NRPE Nagios plugin implemented in Python (with SSL support & authentication). Works as a standalone web server with (or without) SSL support (see mod_gv.py.sample file) + token based authentication.



NRPE_NT is a Windows version of the NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) daemon for unix-like operation systems. It provides methods to execute Nagios service checks on a Windows host and report the results back to your Nagios host.



NSClient NSClient++ is a monitoring agent/daemon for Windows systems that works with Nagios. It is a replacement for NSClient and NRPE_NT.

NSClient - No Pdh Error Messages

Recompiled NSClient with "PDH.dll Collect CPU - ERROR: 0x80000..." error message disabled.

NSClient Updater and Installer

Update or install 32 or 64bit NSClient++ versions remote and centralized on your windows servers.



nwsc enables you to check as many windows hosts through Nagios as you like without installing any software on these machines.

OpenBSD 5 nrpe restart script

I wrote a script to reload nrpe on OpenBSD. You can easily start nrpe at boot up, but I grew tired of manually killing then launching nrpe each time I updated the nrpe.cfg file




Reportsock is a small Perl daemon (using HTTP::Daemon) to find and report site statistics via an HTTP port. It is intended as a easy-to-read client for such monitoring servers as Nagios or Quosack. It's easy to configure and simple to use.

rexec - Nagios EventHanlder

Remotely execute scripts using the nagios event handler



SNClient+ is a secure general purpose monitoring agent designed as replacement for NRPE and NSClient++.


SSH Framework for Remote Plugins


This is a framework to securely execute checks on remote machines over SSH. It can be used as a replacement for NRPE.

SSH Push Check


Like the check_by_ssh wrapper, this script uses SSH to communicate with a remote Nagios client. If the desired plugin is not available on the client, it can transfer it from the server to the clients, making rollouts much easier. The package also includes ...

Ubuntu Nagios Agent


Ubuntu Nagios Agent Ubuntu / Debian package of the Agent used for systems to be monitored by a Nagios server. Its purpose is to bring in dependencies like NRPE and the Nagios Plugins, add some extra plugins not in the core package, and handle basic configuration options.


Windows Eventlog Addon


This addon allows Nagios to monitor Windows EventLogs by querying an agent installed on the Windows machine (the agent is part of this package.) While by default every event is notified by Nagios, extensive filtering can be defined through various paramet ...



WSC is a WMI proxy that allows you to query many windows boxes using WMI. The basic schema is like this [nagios host]->[WSC]->[all win boxes]