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As the founder of Nagios, I'm asking for your help in a cause that's dear to my heart.

I'm launching a new project to help better the world by providing the information, ideas, and inspiration that I believe can improve the lives of people everywhere.

I know you're busy managing networks, but I would appreciate it if you would consider liking my Facebook page and showing your support for the content and messages I produce by sharing them with your friends and family.

You can learn more about my project by visiting Thank you for your time. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, whatever they may be.

- Ethan

JNRPE aims to be the best solution to create and execute Nagios JAVA plugins. JNRPE is compatible with check_nrpe and can be used to execute both the old native Nagios plugins and the new Java Nagios plugins. Since it uses the NRPE protocol to communicate with Nagios, it can be used to execute both local and remote plugins.
The main features of JNRPE are:
Fully written in JAVA

* Embeddable : as of 2.0, you can easily embed JNRPE to monitor your application insides!
* No JAVA overhead : allows the execution of JAVA plugins without the overhead of the Java Virtual Machine (if you would execute JAVA plugin with NRPE, NRPE would start a new JVM for each JAVA plugin it executes)
* Simple API to create Nagios Plugin with JAVA.
* Ability to execute native plugins (for example, you can execute the standard NAGIOS plugins, as you would do with NRPE).
* Compatible with check_nrpe: you can configure Nagios to call JNRPE plugins as you would do with NRPE.
If you want to be sure to download the latest version, always download from the sourceforge site (I'll update this page too, but not so often).

Some of the already existing plugins are:

  • EXEC It's a very simple plugin able to execute external commands (for example, native Nagios Plugins). Look here
  • CHECK_JMX This plugin is able to perform JMX queries. It's a porting of jmxquery to JNRPE. Look here
  • CHECK_ORACLE This plugin is able to perform the following checks (without the need of the Oracle client, you just need the ojdbc.jar - look here):

    • If the database is alive
    • Tablespace usage
    • Cache hit rate

  • CHECK_MYSQL Various checks about mysql databases
  • CHECK_PGSQLVarious checks about PGSQL databases
  • CHECK_FILE This plugin is able to perform the following tasks (look here]):

    • Check that a file exists
    • Check that a file do not exists
    • Check if file age falls inside a range
    • Check if file size falls inside a range
    • Check if file contains a given string
    • Check if the file do not contains a given string

Reviews (1)
I have developed a new set of plugins to monitor DB2 via JNRPE, thanks to the possibility to keep the connection active between several checks, and also keep values of the previous checks, in order to compare the evolution of the database (for example, bufferpool hit ratio).

JNRPE is very easy to install, with a high level of commitment from the maintainers. The project releases new version frequently, keeping the project alive and free of bugs.