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DFS Replication and BackLog

15 votes
Current Version
Nagios XI
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
DFS-Backlog.vbsBacklog Check
DFSR.vbsReplication Check
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Check DFS Replication and Check DFS Backlog are VBS scripts written to check Windows Distributed File System for good status and backlog workflow.

Author: Kevin Keck
ArgoTurbo Corporation
Check DFS Replication and Check DFS Backlog are VBS scripts written to check Windows Distributed File System for good status and backlog workflow.

DFS replication can be setup locally and will check all DFS groups setup on that server, it has one variable that can be passed to check the conflicts and deleted directory sizes in MB.

DFS Backlog needs to have the specified folder you want to check for backlog. Three variables are fed from Nagios, warning/critical (in number of files), and the folder name you want to check.

Keep in mind that external variables have to be setup in the Windows check utility you are using. I have mentioned the changes I had to make in the INI files along with the check command for either of the two I use.


Nagios service:

$USER1$/check_nrpe -u -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -p 5666 -c check_DFSR -t 180 -a $ARG1$

COMMAND: /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_nrpe -u -H SERVERNAME -p 5667 -c check_DFSR -t 180 -a 600
OUTPUT: 14 Replication groups passed, all under 600MB synch difference.

$USER1$/check_nrpe -u -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -t 420 -p 5667 -c check_DFSBacklog -a $ARG1$ $ARG2$ $ARG3$

COMMAND: /usr/local/nagios/libexec/check_nrpe -u -H SERVERNAME -t 420 -p 5667 -c check_DFSBacklog -a FOLDERNAME 100 200
OUTPUT: OK - 0 -BackLog Count for FOLDERNAME 0 -BackLog Count for FOLDERNAME


command[check_DFSR]=cscript.exe //NoLogo C:nrpe_nt.0.8b-binbinDFSR.vbs $ARG1$
command[check_DFSBacklog]=cscript.exe //NoLogo C:nrpe_nt.0.8b-binbinDFS-Backlog.vbs $ARG1$

allow arguments=1
[/settings/external scripts/scripts]

check_DFSR = cscript.exe //NoLogo C:nrpe_nt.0.8b-binbinDFSR.vbs $ARG1$
check_DFSBacklog = cscript.exe //NoLogo C:nrpe_nt.0.8b-binbinDFS-Backlog.vbs $ARG1$
Reviews (10)

2016 Server don't use DFSR, now it's storage replica....
Hello,I want to run your script on Windows Server 2016 but i have a error message who appears :

Line : 27
Caract : 1
Error : Subscript outside of the range
Code : 800A0009
Source : Error execution of Microsoft VBScript

Thank's you for your work !
I have managed to get the DFS replication script to work , but having a vbscript runtime error: Subscript out of range when I run the command shown on the page for backlog.
as I'm not a coder not sure what the problem is.
I am getting this message when I want to try it from my nagios server. NSClient on Windows is 0.4.172, and set up is per your instructions here
Tried the script manually from command line in Windows, works really good.

Please if you can, contact me, I am quite clueless what to do
bytyrese65, November 13, 2015
I implemented DFS in my environment recently but was disappointed by the lack of monitoring tools available. But since I was already using Nagios, this was perfect! Really amazed by the quality of this plugin. Perfect reporting every time.

Thanks for your effort!
byGChildress1975, November 2, 2015
This plugin is very useful in our environment. We recently implemented DFS and looked to Nagios for alerting. This plugin does exactly what we need.

Thank you for spending the time to create this for other Nagios customers ArgoTurbo!!!
bybkhan20, October 22, 2015
This is super Helpful.

There was no way for us to be proactive in identifying issues with DFS replication. With this we can identify and resolve DFS replication and backlog issue way before our users are impacted.

Thanks Argoturbo
byHoodieWhatie, October 20, 2015
This is excellent!
So much easier than the alternative solutions.
Thank you for putting forth the time and effort on this one. Easy 5 Stars.
Nice add-on to check the DFS replication and DFS backlog if any in no time. Really appreciated Argoturbo for this awesome add-on.
bylfazal, October 14, 2015
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Glad this was uploaded
We have had issues with DFS replication and backlog reporting for a while.
There was no plugin up until this point for nagios. Using powershell was good however not integrated and required constant maintenance.

Glad Argoturbo wrote this plugin.