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Veeam License Expiration

This plugin uses Powershell to monitor the expiration date of Veeam Backup & Replication license.


Veeam Endpoint Backup Check - Via Event Logs

Veeam Endpoint Backup Check - Via Event Logs Check_veeam_endpoint_eventlogs is a PowerShell script to check if Veeam Endpoint jobs ran properly. If you have the full-blown version of Veeam, please use the check_veeam_eventlogs script instead as it allows for job names. Note: This uses built-in Windo ...


Veeam Daily Backup Check


PS script that checks your daily veeam backup jobs


Veeam Backup Repositories space usage check

Veeam Backup Repositories space usage check A simple check that queries the Veeam Backup and Replication engine for all repositories, including ScaleOut repositories, and outputs their total space and utilization percentage in Nagios friendly format.


Veeam Backup Check - Via Event Logs

Veeam Backup Check - Via Event Logs Check_veeam_eventlogs is a PowerShell script to check if Veeam jobs ran properly. If you have the Endpoint version of Veeam, use the check_veeam_endpoint_eventlogs script instead. Note: This uses built-in Windows event logs to check for Veeam backup codes ...


Veaam Backup Check

This script checks the Veeam backup log files on a NSClient++ host.




This script checks one or all your Veeam Backup jobs and warns when either a job has ended abnormally or is disabled

/Category:Active Checks


This is a Nagios Plugin that checks the last status of last run of all veeam jobs, not including Replication (BackupSync) jobs (which is a continues jobs that for behaving differently). - Powershell needs to be installed on the Nagios box. - NSClient++ ...




This is a Nagios Plugin destined to check the last status and last run of Veeam Backup & Replication job passed as an argument.


Check Veeam Backup Jobs

This check run a query on Veeam DB and extract only the failed job (result=2) If you want to add other result to this notification, pay attention on the result column value set. 2 = Failed 1 = Warning 0 = Success -1 = Running