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Export Host Service Tool

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Current Version
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Compatible With
  • Nagios XI
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Host - Service Export Tool
The purpose of the Export Hosts and Services Tool is to Export a CSV list of Hosts and Services from the running configuration.
It will not export a deactivated objects, only active objects.
It will export the file to the /usr/local/nagiosxi/tmp/ folder on the Nagios Server and optionally, you can Download a ZIP copy of the file by clicking on the Download button.

To install: Download the zip file to your desktop and login to the Nagios XI GUI interface.
Go to the Admin > Manage Components menu and browser for the zip file. Click on the Upload & Install button to load it on the system.
TO access it, go to the Tools menu and in the left pane, click on the Export Host and Services link to open it up.

Version 1.0.1.
Added the following to the exported data.
The commands the service is using.
The arguments for the service commands.
The contacts assigned to the services.

With above additions, the format of the file had to change.
It is now a Tab Separated Value file (TSV). When importing it into a spreadsheet, select TABs as the separator.

Version 1.0.2
Fixed bug that would not generate the zip file for downloading

Version 1.0.3
Added Host Address and the emails address of the contact to the output.
Reviews (1)
bynishith, May 3, 2022
The said plug-in works well as mentioned in the description.

Takes less than a minute for installation in Nagios XI.