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ndoaudit is a BIRT report that when ran against a nagios instance's NDO, provides deep insight into notifications for hosts and services. It let's you 'Audit' your nagios instance at a high level and identify holes. Not going to be useful to everyone, but figured I'd make available.
Background: At an old gig, we had 250 hosts and almost 2K services. Previous to me, it was everything 24x7 via e-mail & text, and needless to say it was crazy. ( Most people it seems, run this way. ) I implemented notification escalations to give tech's alerts they could / would actually do something about, but since they could end up as a contact for a given host / service in a variety of different ways from the configs, there was no way to identify who got contacted about what, and when.. or identifying why XYZ didn't receive an alert about something when it went critical or down at sometime.

This report shows:

* contact membership in contactgroups
* For each host..
o hostname
o Address (flagged if empty)
o Notifications enabled (flagged if not)
o Passive checks, active checks enabled
o 'live' and 'config' settings for the above
o normal contact group & intv on host down
o esc. contact user, first/last notif, notif intvl, grouped by timeperiod
o esc. contactgroup, first/last notif, notif intvl, grouped by timeperiod
* and similar info for each service of the host...

the "design" isn't my best work, I spent a lot of time just getting to the data I wanted and grappling with how to display it. But, it's visually functional at least.