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Category: Windows NRPE

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Category Listings:
There are 94 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

check_dell_amcli for NRPE_NT

Check status of Dell RAID array using the Array Manager utility "amcli.exe"

check_dell_omreport for NRPE_NT

Check status of Dell RAID array using Dell OpenManage Server Administrator utility 'omreport'

check_dell_sensors for NRPE_NT

Check status of Dell Temperature/Fan sensors using Dell OpenManage Server Administrator utility "omreport"


check_diskio.ps1 powershell script to get all disks iops & bytes/s activity in one check. can be used with nrpe & nsclient and offers graph metrics.

check_essential_services (windows)

check_essential_services takes a string of services and returns critical if any are not running. It is written in perl, and works fine with tinyperl. I put my scripts (compiled first) and the tinyperl environment in nsclient++/scripts/perl


check specific file age on Windows.


Based on: 'Script to Monitor Windows file Sizes with Nagios 'Usage: check_filesize -p "path" -f "file(s)" -w -c 'By Felipe Ferreira ...



I had problem with script check_filesize.vbs so I writed easy script for size folder


Nagios plugin to Check how many users in a group check_group.vbs This script verifies if the number of users in a particular group changes.


check_hostname (windows)

check_hostname is used to ensure a windows host resolves to the same address on an authoritative name server. If the reverse-resolve does not match the machines IP address and local host name, critical is returned. This is written in perl and works ...


A plugin written in C# that tries to mimick the check_http plugin that is called via NRPE on a host in an MS NLB Cluster.


Checks the memory usage on system with memory more than 4 GB.


check_log_lnx_system is a linux messages log controler based on check_log_any which may be reduced or extended in order to match system host characteristics


check_log_retrospect is an execution controler for the backup software of EMC2 based on check_log_any


check_log_moxs_system is a 'macos x system.log' controler based on check_log_any which may be reduced or extended in order to match system host characteristics


check_log_win_system and check_log_win_application are log controlers of logs generated by genlogs and based on check_log_any


VBScript: for a given directory, it finds the most recently modified file and checks if its modification date is older than [w] or [c] minutes. It also checks if the file size is at least [z] bytes. It's useful for monitoring incremental log files with ...


VBScript to check MSCS ressources via NRPE (NSClient++ with NRPE Listener)


VBScript to check MSMQ metrics via NRPE (NSClient++ with NRPE Listener)


check_proc.exe is a plugin that monitors if a defined process is running. It monitors also the count of a defined process (lower and upper bounds).

check_processes (windows)

check_processes takes a list of allowed processes and returns warning and critical based on thresholds if processes not on the list are running. The script is written in perl, so requires a perl environment to run. Tinyperl works fine. Place the tiny ...


A Powershell script to monitor MSMQs that have no messages.


This script is a revision of directory_file_count.wsf which counts the number of files contained within a directory path.


This plugin tests TCP connections with the specified host. It also monitors the time to connect with warning and critical level.


This script will readout the CPU temperature on a windows system


Check_Updates (Windows)

Fast check for waiting Windows-Updates

check_users (windows)

check_users looks at the number of users, along with an allowed user list and returns warning and critical based on thresholds or if an unknown user is logged into the system. This script uses perl, so a perl environment must be available on the client ...


Check the status of Windows Software RAID



This script will execute checks against volume mount points using WMI via powershell and nsclient++. Can be used to check available free space, and return OK, WARNING or CRITICAL status to Nagios.


Eventlog Checker - dotNET Based

Checks a specified Windows Eventlog for any specified event types. Supports filtering, searching for event type ids, etc. This requires at least the .NET 1.1 Framework to be installed on the serve

Memory used by a process

This plugin is written in PowerShell. He indicates the memory used by a process. He uses this performance counter : Process($Process)Private Bytes. You must use NSClient, you have three args : - Process - Warning - Critical This plugin has ...


Ms-Dos Check Process Plugin

Ms-Dos Check Process is a plugin that monitors if a defined process is running on a remote host.

Multithreaded multi ping targets through NRPE

Multithreaded multiple ping targets from a remote server through nrpe / nsclient. For example, if you have a remote site with one server, you can then use it to ping different targets (local switch, google...). Return number of online/offline target ...


PowerCLI - vCenter Datastore Alarm Checker

This script will login to a vCenter server and check to see if the Datastore usage alarm is enabled, if it is it will output the thresholds. If the top level is not enabled the check will go through each Datastore individually and ensure there is a Dat ...

Restart Windows Services VBS

A VBScript which will restart a windows service automaticaly via NRPE NT (with logs).


search MSMQ for matched words.

Symantec Anti-virus check

Check if local server has the same virus sig file as the anti-virus server.

Symantec Backup Exec Number of Job Error Check

Symantec Backup Exec number of job error check using the bemcmd.exe cli tool.

This vbscript will monitor processes on Windows Systems...

The processes to be monitored are described in a .ini file in the same directory as the .vbs file. Information about processes to be monitored is stored on the monitored server, allowing people to add or remove processes to monitor without logging to the ...

Updated: Check Free Disk Space (check_disk)

This is an updated and modified version of check free disk space ( Modified by Corey Davis April 8, 2021 ' Added disclaimer for using an undefin ...

WMI agentless plugins

This project consists of a set of VBS scripts that use Microsoft .NET Framework and WMI to retrieve data from remote Windows hosts without the need for agents on the remote hosts. Current release is 1.3 (December 5, 2008).

Wrapper Check_AutoIT

Wrapper-Script for using End2End-Monitoring.exe create with AutoIt

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