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This vbscript will monitor processes on Windows Systems using NRPE

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The processes to be monitored are described in a .ini file in the same directory as the .vbs file. Information about processes to be monitored is stored on the monitored server, allowing people to add or remove processes to monitor without logging to the nagios server. Multiple processes can be monitored on the windows server, with only one service on the nagios server, minimizing impact on the performance of the nagios server in situations where many processes have to be monitored on many servers.
I use this script to monitor services on windows servers. Nagios will launch the script and collect the results using NRPE_NT.

nrpe.cfg should have a special line to present the correct path to NRPE_NT

Example :

command[check_nrpe_processes]=cscript //nologo C:nagiosvbscriptcheck_processes.vbs

A corresponding command and service should be created on the nagios server.

Typical Output :