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This plugin tests TCP connections with the specified host. It also monitors the time to connect with warning and critical level.
++++ check_proc.exe
I create this plugin because I need a TCP-check like the Unix-like check_tcp-Plugin.
In the first version, its rudimental. You only can specify the warning and critical value.

+++++ using check_proc.exe
++++++ without or with wrong parameters
check_tcp.exe (nagios-plugin)

check_tcp.exe -H -p -w -c

Hostname to test port connection
Port to connect to

-w warning
-c critical

++++++ with wright parameters
>check_tcp.exe -H somehost -p someport -w 100 -c 200
TCP OK - 0.000 second response time on port 22 |time=0.000483s
Reviews (3)
byfmiller, March 3, 2017
I see this is a great idea, the plugin works when i call it directly from the command line, however when I try to register with nscp settings --activate-module check_tcp it tries to look for a dll file. Is there another way?
bymucwegatron, March 3, 2016
Thank You!
That's exactly what I was going to search for.
It Works with check_mk mrpe and PNP for Nagios!

Thank You again.
bynatxo, June 6, 2012
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
I needed to monitor some firewall rules from Windows hosts and missed the functionality offered by the official check_tcp plugin. This one works great for Windows.