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This script will readout the CPU temperature on a windows system
This script will readout the CPU temperature on a windows system using openharwaremonitorreport ( )

derived from openhardwaremonitor (
Reviews (3)
byfarid, April 21, 2016
I did not manage to get this plugin to work on my hardware. I suspect that it has to do with the now very old OpenHardwareMonitorReport supplied with this plugin.

While investigating this problem I decided to write my own plugin also using the Open Hardware monitor project.
My plugin is named check_ohm_temperatures and can also be found on this site.

Thank you jeroensteenhuis for the idea of using
bypintxoj, February 25, 2015
For those who try this script and always send Critical to nagios i made this fix and it works now. Look at the bottom of the script and search for this:

if (intMaxTemp = intTemperatureWarning) then return_code = WARNING
if (intMaxTemp >= intTemperatureCritical) then return_code = CRITICAL
if (intMaxTemp = cstr(intTempCritical)) then return_code = 2
if (intMaxTemp rning = 55
intTempCritical = 70

Change that values as you need.

Now the script works, as i say, without arguments, but with my knowledge of scripting is quite more than nothing.
byDennisPR, December 5, 2012
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The script doesn't look at warning & critical values ?
It doesn't look at any of the possible vars (intTempWarning, intTempCritical,intTemperatureWarning or intTemperatureCritical) and always returns critical (2)