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Compatible With
  • Nagios 1.x
  • Nagios 2.x
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
check_iftraffic64.plCheck plugin
check_net_status.phpPNP4Nagios template.
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Bug and feature update to check_iftraffic3. This is a 64 (and 32) bit Nagvis compatible SNMP iftraffic check. Renamed to highlight the change from 32 to 64 bit as the default counters used. Tested with Windows 2003/08/12, Linux (RedHat), and Cisco devices.
Alert: If you are having problems with results sometimes returning higher than 100% IN or OUT utilization try setting the check command to forced 32 or 64 bit mode with the --force switch. Several reviewers have posted this problem but I did not understand what was happening until Rafael van den Berg helped me see the cause, thanks Rafael. I don't know if this will resolve everyone’s issue but if Rafael is right then this should address most if not all of the over 100% utilization scenarios. By default, check_iftraffic64 auto detects between 32 and 64 bit counters, trying 64 bit first. In cases where the 64 bit SNMP query doesn't always respond (but does sometimes) you will get mixed results (64 bit results last check 32 bit this check) and your output will be nonsensical (over 100%). Setting the check to force 32 or 64 will prevent this from affecting your results negatively in those cases. See examples below for how to use the force switch.

Check_iftraffic64 is an updated version of (check_iftraffic3) and has been changed to use 64 bit SNMP counters but can still handle 32 bit. Some math issues found in check_iftraffic3 were resolved as well.

Version .77: There are no functionality changes with this release. I simply fixed some code comments (spelling errors, removed spurious comments, etc.)

I also uploaded a PNP4Nagios template for the plugin. It provides the following features. Put this file in the /usr/local/pnp4nagios/share/templates/ directory. See uploaded examples.

1. It converts the performance data from the Nagios plugin standard (Bytes) to bits, however, the graph is percent based, bits are listed in the text of the legend not on the graph itself.
2. Peak - Prints the timestamp of when your peak traffic during the graph period happened.
3. Rem Peak Cap - Calculates remaining capacity or headroom (how much bandwidth is left between your peak traffic and your critical threshold).
4. Rem Ave Cap - Calculates remaining capacity or headroom (how much bandwidth is left between your average traffic and your critical threshold).
5. Total Bytes - Displays the total amount of data that has crossed the interface during the graphed period.
6. Min over Thresh - Displays how much time during the graphed period traffic was above the critical threshold.
7. Times over Thresh - Counts and displays how many times the critical threshold was crossed during the graphed period.

Version .76: Thanks to Mark Rittinghaus for pointing out and recommending solutions to a couple of bugs in the perfdata. These have been addressed in this release. This release changes the units for the in_ave/out_ave perfdata from bits (if you specify bits on the command line) to Bytes and changes inAbsolut/outAbsolut from Bytes to Continuous. Both of these changes may disrupt your perfdata graphing if you use PNP4Nagios (RRD). It does not affect the in_ave_pct/out_ave_pct perfdata output.

Version .75:
Thanks to Philip Ho and Fai Wong (and subsequently others) for pointing out that the inbandwidth and outbandwidth perfdata needed to be a fixed unit for rrd based processing of perfdata (PNP4Nagios). This has been fixed based on the switches used to either bits or bytes. The other bug which has plagued this plugin for a while is the nefarious and random 'Return code of 25 is out of bounds' result. This has also been fixed, again thanks to the guidance of Philip Ho .

Version .74:
Thanks to the help of Rogerio Tomassoni de Araujo Junior we now have SNMPv3 support! The check can use three v3 levels (NoauthNoPriv, authNoPriv, and authpriv). You can also specify the Auth method (MD5 or SHA) and or the encryption method (DES, AES, or 3DES). Thanks Rogerio!

Version .73:
Fixed a couple of bugs, they are listed in the comments at the top of the script.

Version .7:
The check script now has an 64|32 bit auto detection, you can also force 64 or 32 bit on the cmd line. Added logic to handle invalid interface speed results (thanks Mathieu GRZYBEK).

Version .6:
I've removed text from the output that was not necessary. Thanks Nicholas Coulin for pointing it out.

Version .5:
Significant features in this check include the following:

1. Capable of handling 32 and 64 (default) bit SNMP counters
2. Auto detects max bandwidth (unless specified)
3. Supports asymetric links, i.e. Ability to specify different BW limits (in and out) other than what is automatically detected. Good for Internet connections that have different up and down speeds
4. NagVis weathermap line compatible perfdata output
5. Returns CRITICAL status when the interface is down.


# Simple 64 bit check of interface used as the primary host interface (based on IP address of host1) -H host1 -C sneaky

# 32 bit mode check of interface index 5 in bits/s with 100m bandwidth limit -H host1 -C sneaky -i 5 -B -b 100 -u m --32bit

# Check of interface using address in bits/s running 50m down (in) and 10m up (out) -H host1 -C sneaky -A -B -I 50 -O 10 -u m
Reviews (26)
I converted this script to use Net-SNMP vs Net::SNMP. Net-SNMP supports the latest encryption modes if compiled correctly.

Forked and updated version:
bykaiser, February 23, 2022
is it possible to have an alert if the traffic is equal to 0 or if it is lower than 10 for example
Hello, We have a problem with the check_iftraffic64 plugin, when the interface is off the service is still in OK status, did you try that?
Had issues in the beginning but that was configs and dependencies not being installed. After putting NAGIOS in debug mode I was able to figure out what was going on. Works on Nagios Core 4.4.6 and Nagvis 1.9.20 with Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS.
bythiccboi, February 17, 2020
I was wondering if this plugin would autodetect 10G 20G 25G ports on Cisco switches?
Hello, excuse my query, I am new to this, how could the traffic results pass to Gigabit and not to Gigabyte that currently results in me?
I've been using this to integrate with NagViz weathermap colours and it has been working very well!

Now I am looking at SNMP v3 support. I see that it only has partial support for SNMP v3 in that it does not support Context Names.

I am looking to monitor CheckPoint VSX firewalls and to monitor individual VS (Virtual Systems) it requires SNMP v3 and for the Context Name of the VS to be supplied.

I've looked at the code and I cannot yet figure out how to add Context Name support to it.
This plugin is working great, after I made a minor modification. If SNMP does not return anything and the timer expires, the plugin reaches the end of the code and returns an OK state. By adding an exit status of UNKNOWN at the end of the code, Nagios retries the plugin without waiting for the next iteration. I have had occasions where SNMP does not return because the device is too busy.

First of all thanks for this amazing plugin. It really helps me a lot.
However, I have one problem with the units used by the plugin.
I use this especially for Nagvis.
In the host list, and on the host view all works perfectly but in nagvis, on my weatherline, the unit is always in Bytes.
I tried options (-u) and also to modify the plugin config but no way to get those units in megabits or gigabits for example...

Can someone help me about that ?

Thanks again for sharing this plugin!

have a problem here with this script and snmpd service 5.7.3 on Ubuntu18.04
We ask for traffic on remote host on eth0 by: -H -i eth0
Result is:CRITICAL: Could not match eth0

Reason is line "my $resp=$response->{$key};" in sub fetch_ifdescr
On a working machine $resp contains lo, eth0, eth1
On invalid machine with new snmpd this contains also interface/controllerinformation, so script does not find the eth0 match.
my $resp=$response->{$key};
$resp =~ s/x00//;
print "resp: $resp
This is response from snmpd on Ubuntu18.04
resp: Intel Corporation Ethernet Controller 10-Gigabit X540-AT2
resp: Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
resp: Intel Corporation Ethernet Controller 10-Gigabit X540-AT2
resp: Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
resp: lo

So i have some assumptions:

- this Script losts some of values of response, unfortunately iam not a perl-programmer
- snmpd on machine is buggy
- snmpd on machine has wrong configuration. (We use minimized /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf with content "rocommunity public" successful on many systems)

What do you mean? Is there something know to this case?

bysaurabh.pasricha, March 20, 2018
1 of 2 people found this review helpful
/usr/bin/perl /usr/local/nagios/libexec/ -H firewall_IP -i 7 -I 15 -O 15 -b 15 -u m -f -L -w 80 -c 90 -v 3 --username --authpassword --authprotocol MD5 --privpassword --privprotocol AES

On executing above command from CLI on server i'm getting output as
"CRITICAL - OUT bandwidth (109.13%) too high|inUsage=32.14%;80;90 outUsage=109.13%;80;90 inBandwidth=602577.37B outBandwidth=2046264.78B inAbsolut=736506469220c outAbsolut=382869632218c"

BUt on web interface it is showing output as "(No output on stdout) stderr:"
bysalluste, November 13, 2017
hi all
I use check_iftraffic64 with centreon 3.4. snmpV3 I had a problem. I had a response from the plugins, the check after i had no output fromthe plugins, the check after my response is ok. it's the same if i do it from the shell. could you help me or give me some advice to solve my problem thanks a lot

I tested this plugin and it did not work correctly out of the box on the command line because it did output nothing at all (but web ui said "OK"). Looking into the code the problem was on line 140 where it says
my $TRAFFIC_FILE = "/usr/local/nagios/libexec/traffic/";

This directory did not exist on my system; this caused the plugin to output nothing. After adding this directory, it worked. Maybe add a test if directory exists and throw an error if not?

I miss two features though, whose availability would easily push this plugin to a five star plugin(!)
- error packet counter and corresponding warn/crit tresholds
- automatic port speed detection

These two are very important IMHO:
- error counter
If the error counters grows, you could be alarmed; thanks to performance data, you would even have some long time trending, being able to research when errors increased e.g.

- auto-detect port speed
If the network admin decides to change a port speed from 100M to 1G, the plugin settings for this specific port will become incorrect. Auto-detection could help here.

If you start the plugin with debug level 4 you can see that port speed detection _would_ already work. The command

/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ -H -C not-so-public -i 1 --debug 4

outputs (shortend):

Operational Status: 1
Interface Speed (64bit): 100 Mbits
Interface Speed (32bit): 100000000 bits

So there is already a port speed detection, but not used in any way - maybe it is unreliable?

Since I cannot re-review a plugin here, I will mark it with 5 stars, hoping the author might add these two features in the future.
bySolidd, June 6, 2016
I'm using centreon, and when I run the plugin, no output appear, except if I run it in debug mode.

It's because the tmp plugin path has changed since.

I solved the problem, by making sure the temp directory exist & have right (or just change it in the script ;))

Thanks for the author !
byGeoHolz, October 12, 2015

Can you add the possibility to have the output with only one unit ?
Actually, the result can be in B KB MB GB
For PNP4Nagios we need measure with always the same unit

Owner's reply

Hi GeoHolz,

Yes, the fix was just posted in version .75. Thanks for pointing out the deficiency.


This check works great on most of my devices, but now iam testing it on a Cisco ASA5505 and there is a problem:

On full interface saturation the traffic is shown around 200% of the interface. I am downloading a testfile with ~5Mb, but the check reports ~10Mb.

Its a 50/10MBit wan-interface and this is my check: # -H -C public -i "Adaptive Security Appliance 'outside' interface" -I 50 -O 10 -u m
Owner's reply

Hi Unic,

If you are specifying bandwidth limits with the -I and -O switches then the plugin is going to use those parameters in calculations. In that case if your getting more than 100% throughput the only thing I can think of is that the circuit is faster that listed.

byabeckman702, April 27, 2015
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Overall this works quite well. I do have an issue on a few nodes that it reports high numbers like stated in 2 of the previous reviews. I would like to get this fixed as this is used primarily for the perfdata for nagvis. With this issue I hear alarms throughout the day. CRITICAL - IN bandwidth (35711048.32%) too high|inUsage=35711048.32%;85;98 outUsage=69084009.66%;85;98 inBandwidth=892.78GB outBandwidth=1727.10GB inAbsolut=4463881040328B outAbsolut=8635501207011B
Owner's reply


I am not sure of all cases that would cause this. There are a few I am aware of though.

1. We had a NAS device that returned the 32 bit counter value for both 32 bit and 64 bit SNMP queries. This took us a while to figure and we were surprised to see them doing this. This will give you the types of results you are seeing, though I imaging (and hope) that this is a rare situation.

2. Another case is when two instances of Nagios are writing to the temp file for an interface messing with the calculations of the other check.

There may be other causes but these are the two that come to mind. You can try the latest version of the plugin there may be something else that was fixed there that would address this as well.

byogirard, March 12, 2015
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Very good Job. But I've a problem with the result:
./ -H -C public -i wan2 -b 20 -u m
CRITICAL - IN bandwidth (35711048.32%) too high|inUsage=35711048.32%;85;98 outUsage=69084009.66%;85;98 inBandwidth=892.78GB outBandwidth=1727.10GB inAbsolut=4463881040328B outAbsolut=8635501207011B

Do you know why ?
Thx a lot
Owner's reply

Hi ogirard,

If you add '--force' to your check command it should resolve your issue. See the ALERT section of the check description for an explanation of the issue.



bymorube, January 13, 2015
Really usefull on my network. Is this the right configuration to control the gigabitethernet interface Bandwidth load?

/ -H DEVICE_IP -C COMMUNITY -i GigabitEthernet0/48 -I 1000 -O 1000 -u g -w 85 -c 95

bynotic, December 13, 2014
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
this plugin works very well, but i am getting this error on few devices periodically.

Traffic_gi0/2;CRITICAL;SOFT;1;CRITICAL - IN bandwidth (81985529197.52%) too high
Owner's reply

Hi notic,

Use the '--force' switch in your command. See the ALERT section of the description above for details.


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