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byUnic, June 21, 2015
This check works great on most of my devices, but now iam testing it on a Cisco ASA5505 and there is a problem:

On full interface saturation the traffic is shown around 200% of the interface. I am downloading a testfile with ~5Mb, but the check reports ~10Mb.

Its a 50/10MBit wan-interface and this is my check:
check_iftraffic64.pl # -H -C public -i "Adaptive Security Appliance 'outside' interface" -I 50 -O 10 -u m
Owner's reply

Hi Unic,

If you are specifying bandwidth limits with the -I and -O switches then the plugin is going to use those parameters in calculations. In that case if your getting more than 100% throughput the only thing I can think of is that the circuit is faster that listed.