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byogirard, March 12, 2015
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Very good Job. But I've a problem with the result:
./check_iftraffic64.pl -H -C public -i wan2 -b 20 -u m
CRITICAL - IN bandwidth (35711048.32%) too high|inUsage=35711048.32%;85;98 outUsage=69084009.66%;85;98 inBandwidth=892.78GB outBandwidth=1727.10GB inAbsolut=4463881040328B outAbsolut=8635501207011B

Do you know why ?
Thx a lot
Owner's reply

Hi ogirard,

If you add '--force' to your check command it should resolve your issue. See the ALERT section of the check description for an explanation of the issue.



I've the same problem. Server return "USERS OK - Such users currently logged in"
Any idea?