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bythiccboi, March 4, 2021
The plugin does what its supposed to do, but I encountered a small issue with it.
After clearing the counter on the interface, the plugin still reads the old data.
For example: executed the plugin on a switch(ex Cat3560x) found on port gi1/0/40 70CRCs. After clearing the counter on the sw, I re-run the plugin and it gave me the same result as before clearing the counter on interface.
bythiccboi, March 4, 2021
Nice plugin, but how you use it with nagios?
bythiccboi, February 18, 2020
Will this plugin work with nagvis?
Anyone tried it out?
bythiccboi, February 17, 2020
I was wondering if this plugin would autodetect 10G 20G 25G ports on Cisco switches?