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byabeckman702, April 27, 2015
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Overall this works quite well. I do have an issue on a few nodes that it reports high numbers like stated in 2 of the previous reviews. I would like to get this fixed as this is used primarily for the perfdata for nagvis. With this issue I hear alarms throughout the day. CRITICAL - IN bandwidth (35711048.32%) too high|inUsage=35711048.32%;85;98 outUsage=69084009.66%;85;98 inBandwidth=892.78GB outBandwidth=1727.10GB inAbsolut=4463881040328B outAbsolut=8635501207011B
Owner's reply


I am not sure of all cases that would cause this. There are a few I am aware of though.

1. We had a NAS device that returned the 32 bit counter value for both 32 bit and 64 bit SNMP queries. This took us a while to figure and we were surprised to see them doing this. This will give you the types of results you are seeing, though I imaging (and hope) that this is a rare situation.

2. Another case is when two instances of Nagios are writing to the temp file for an interface messing with the calculations of the other check.

There may be other causes but these are the two that come to mind. You can try the latest version of the plugin there may be something else that was fixed there that would address this as well.