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check cisco port-channel members status
I took examples from some other scripts out there that are doing the same thing but I've written a more modular one

Syntax: -H [Ip/Dns Name of the Switch] -C [snmp community] -P [port-channel number] -s [speed of each interface in the po(Mbps)] -n [number of ints in the po]

the check is based on the fact the interface of your port-channel are at the same speed

so for example:
Say your switch ip is with the public community
you have Po1 with 2 Gigabyte interfaces configure at 1 Gb.

In this situation you'll run the script as follows -H -C public -P 1 -s 1000 -n 2

I hope you'll find it useful but I don't guarantee that it will work for you out-of-the so please double check and let me know if you have any errors.