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Category: Network Connections, Stats and Bandwidth

Nagios plugins for monitoring network bandwidth usage, download speed, network connections, etc.

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Category Listings:
There are 167 Listings in this Category.List your addon or plugin here!

Meraki - Check 4G Status

This plugin will query the Meraki Cloud controller and return user friendly status messages of the cellular backup connection to be displayed by the Nagios Server.

Meraki - Check Device Status

Meraki - Check Device Status This plugin will query the Meraki Cloud controller and return user friendly messages to be displayed by the Nagios Server.

Monitoring Interface Bandwidth Utilization Using Cacti ...


This Python plugin will alert when the average bandwidth utilization of a network interface exceeds the configured thresholds. It uses data that is already being captured on a remote (or local) Cacti server rather than storing data in a local database. Ma ...

Monitoring multiple IPs for single port in single servi...

This plugin is simply designed to cater requirement of monitoring TCP connection to a Port binded to various IP addresses, These IP addresses can be on a single Machine or can be on multiple machines.




Do you run MRTG and NAGIOS but frustrated that NAGIOS default MRTG plugins only report as Bytes? Yeah me to. So I wrote this little opensource Nagios plugin called MRTGBits to do just that... convert the MRTG Bytes to bits for Nagios. MRTGBits can also se ...



nagios_check_listening_port_linux is a plugin written to verify that a specified process name can be found listening on a specified TCP port.


Network Queue


This check allows you to check for packet processing queues on TCP and UDP on unix based operation systems. It was developed and tested on RHEL/CentOS, but should be easily modifiable to be usable everywhere. UPDATED: Thanks to Hugo van der Kooij for p ...


Number of connections opened by a process


Counts number of opened connections that a given process has opened. Plugin uses netstat with sudo access. It can match process by regexp or use pid file (which is strongly recommended).



Monitor status of ozeki sms gateway service by snmp query


Radware - Check Linkproof - SNMP v1, v2c, v3

Check Radware Linproof - Version 1.3 (29/12/2009) > VRRP status > Next Hop Router NHR status



Check the status of ports on a SAN switch




Monitor traffic stats for SAN ports and pnp4nagios template


Solaris Network Utilization

Uses the nicstat utility. Used as an NRPE plugin on Solaris server, checks current network utilization over a 2 - 6 second period, averages it out and returns the value. Uses the 'nicstat' utility, **Current version can be downloaded from http://blogs.sun ...

TCP traffic degradation detection from link utilization


TCP traffic degradation detection from link utilization This plugin estimates the TCP traffic performance degradation from coarse link utilization traces, such as those obtainable by SNMP.




thola A tool for monitoring and provisioning network devices written in Go. It features a check mode which complies with the monitoring plugins development guidelines and is therefore compatible with Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix, Checkmk, etc.


Windows User logged-in check

Windows User logged-in check This plugin allow to easily check how much users are logged-on a windows machine with SNMP enabled , no Agent needed. in the .tar you can find everything needed to make this running in a minute :)

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