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Check for matching email subject using imap and NTLM Updated to fix SSL connectivity.

nagMailACK - NTLM fork


Acknowledge problems via reply to email. Updated to fix SSL connectivity.


NagiosXI On-Call


Send alert(s) to on-call person. For use with NagiosXI and NagiosXI users ONLY! Will not work with contacts. Very small scripts and simple instructions. There is now a component included. This component just adds a link to the main menu to show you ...

/Category:Cool Stuff



Run multiple checks against Cisco Telepresence devices.


Check Cisco WLAN Connections


Check the number of connections on a Cisco WLAN Controller. this has only been tested on the 7500 model, but should work on others. Make sure and run with -h to get command line arguments that are needed. Early version of script, it does not verify y ...

Event Host Change

Event handler to enable or disable active checks for all services on a host depending on the host state.



Simple dashlet that lets you choose a servicegroup and display the most recent perfdata in a table. To make this useful all the services in the servicegroup should be of the same category with the same type of perfdata


ITC HG SG Members


Quickly display Hostgroup and Servicegroup members. This does not show any status, but instead just shows the members. The is especially useful in large installations where hostgroup/servicegroup summary pages take forever to load and a non-admin just w ...


Mass Remove Downtime


Lists all scheduled downtimes in a multi select box. Highlight all those you want to remove and click the button. Especially useful when wanting to remove many downtimes.


ITC Schedule Downtime


Borrowed code from other parts of XI to make an easier method for end users to schedule downtimes. Very similar to the recurring downtime component except you have the ability to select multiple hosts and other minor changes.