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Category: Distributed Monitoring

Nagios addons for distributed monitoring.

Nagios Log Server

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Using this plugin, you will be able to get CPU and Memory usage for your services and build performance data for graphing in OP5. Additionally, passing warning and critical thresholds will allow for alerting if those thresholds are passed.




check_nagios_summary enables you to do perform distributed monitoring using Nagios. With this plugin, a Nagios system can check and summarize the status of other (satellite) Nagios systems.



Get's remote nagios server, host and service status values. Useful for Nagios Distributed Environment without installing extras on Main Nagios server




Calculate a status derived from the current statuses of other hosts and services. This calculation is defined by a simple script. Helps with cluster state definitions.


CmdDist, which stands for "Command Distributor" takes Nagios commands and distributes it to Nagios-satellite hosts. It is written in PHP and very easy to extend.

Mod Gearman


Mod Gearman Distribute Hostchecks, Servicechecks and Eventhandler with Gearman. Replace distributed Nagios installations with Gearman worker for easy high availability. Host/Servicegroup affinity included.


monitoring proxy

The monitoring-proxy offers an xml-based interface to the monitoring information from a Nagios system. You can collect the checkresults with the check_monitoring-proxy plugin and give them to anothrer nagios system. It is an active way to interconnect Nag ...

Nagios Central add hosts (nsca)

Automatic add nagios remote hosts / services per host from Nagios distributed server on central server.

NagiosCenter View

NagiosCenter is a central viewer for spreaded Nagios servers to give a centralized all over view of working and not working processes.



Event broker and utilities for using Nagios Core over a ZeroMQ enterprise message bus.




NCAP will receive requests by check_ncap, via the nagios (monitoring) host. Then these requests are proxied to actual nrpe daemons.

OCSP Sweeper


OCSP Sweeper is a utility designed to create a FIFO to which OCSP events are sent, read the contents of the FIFO every N seconds and send the data to NSCA.


This Perl script is used to transfer passive check results from Nagios satellites to a central instance.