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monitoring proxy

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The monitoring-proxy offers an xml-based interface to the monitoring information from a Nagios system. You can collect the checkresults with the check_monitoring-proxy plugin and give them to anothrer nagios system. It is an active way to interconnect Nagios systems for distributed monitoring purposes for example.
The monitoring proxy is an addon for monitoring software like Nagios.

It offers a new interface to easily get access of check results from service
or host checks and gives you the opportunity to controle your monitoring system by
subbmitting commands through the monitoring proxy.

You can fetch the check results from service and/or host checks
from one monitoring server and prompt it to another.
You can build a distributed monitoring setup with active checks!

Another feature of the monitoring proxy addon is that you can use it as an interface
to send commands to the monitoring system by using the monitoring-rc script.
This command line interface can controle the most needed functions used from the webinterface.