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Category: Components

Components for extending the functionality and capabilities of Nagios XI.


For more information on Nagios XI, visit http://www.nagios.com/products/nagiosxi

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Category Listings:
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Active Directory Integration for Nagios Fusion


Active Directory Integration for Nagios Fusion Use Active Directory as an authentication source for Nagios Fusion. Requires nagios Fusion 2012R1.2 or later and php-ldap package to be installed.


Active Directory Integration for Nagios XI Popular


Active Directory Integration for Nagios XI Use AD as an authentication source for XI


Ajaxterm Component


Ajaxterm allows you to open a shell terminal session to your Nagios server through a web interface. This component makes a convenient link in the admin menu to allow access to the Ajaxterm menu.

Alert Cloud XI Component


Alert Cloud XI Component This Nagios XI component provides an visual, animated "cloud" of alerts. Provides a flashy way to visualize the status of hosts that are being monitored with Nagios.

Alert Timeline XI Component


Alert Timeline XI Component This Nagios XI component provides a dynamic visualization of host and service alerts on a scrollable timeline.

Alertstream XI Component


Alertstream XI Component The alertstream component for Nagios XI allows users to quickly and easily spot problematic hosts and services over time in a "streamgraph" format. Drill-down capability is supported and user can specify different time frames, hostgroups, and servicegrou ...

Auto-Discovery XI Component


Auto-Discovery XI Component This component adds auto-discovery capabilities to Nagios XI 2001R1 or later.

Backend API Access Nagios XI Component


A Nagios XI component that provides information on accessing the Nagios XI backend API. Nagios XI provides current and historical status and configuration information in XML format via its backend API.


BBBmap sparse map version of BBmap (only shows unhandled problems)


BBMap Component


BBMap Component This Nagios XI component provides a condensed, grid view of host and service status, making it ideal to NOC teams that need to keep an eye on everything.

Custom Logo XI Component


This component allows admins to specify a custom logo and URL in the header of the Nagios XI interface. Useful for co-branding or custom branding of the monitoring app.

Dashboard Deployment XI Component


Dashboard Deployment XI Component This Nagios XI component allows admins to deploy one or more of their own dashboards to other users. This can be useful when you design a dashboard that other users may want access to. Includes the ability to keep user's dashboards synchronized with the ...

Fusion LDAP Authentication Component


This component allows for Nagios Fusion users to utilize their LDAP credentials for authentication. REQUIREMENTS: ============= - Nagios Fusion 2012r1.1 or later - Existing LDAP server - Any LDAP users must first be created in Nagios Fusion


Global Event Handler Nagios XI Component


A Nagios XI component that allows admins to run custom scripts during global events like host and service state changes and notifications.

Graph Explorer Component


Graph Explorer Component This is a Nagios XI Customer Download. This component requires Nagios XI 2011R1.3 or later. The Graph Explorer component utilizes javascript libraries to create interactive graphing tools for Nagios XI, including zoomable performance graphs, time-stack ...


History Tab

History Tab Adds a tab to Host and Service Detail screens to show comment and acknowledgement history. Twitter: @Box293


Home Page Modification XI Component


Home Page Modification XI Component This Nagios XI component allows you to customize the landing page that users see when they login to the Nagios XI web interface. Admins can override global defaults, and users can set their own redirects if allowed to do so.

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