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check windows services

7 votes
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Check windows services by snmp
This script will check if one (or more) services are active on the windows host by snmp.

Script language : Perl

Requirements : Net-snmp and Perl with module Net::SNMP

Script help :

Script download :
Reviews (4)
bygenti, August 10, 2015
The script works perfectly well. Although, I was a bit unhappy with the output. So I changed it slightly.
It makes use of Nagios multi line output capabilities and returns all services, that are running.
Its, working perfect as expected, but its not generating performance data/PNP graphs, hence status graph links shows broken.
byFraeco, February 3, 2014
Every time I run the check it throws up an error about about the version.

Argument "v6.0.1" isn't numeric in numeric lt (
Script works perfectly! No need to install an agent on the windows machine, uses the stock SNMP agent.