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Cloudviewer (for VMWare vCenter)

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
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Cloudviewer (for VMWare vCenter)
Check_MK like Plugin for VMware vCenter.

Splitted in two parts:

Reads all Clusters,Hosts,VMs and Datastores from the given VC and creates Nagios Objects for it. This has to be run as a cronjob.

Reads your JSON based configuration file and gets all needed data with one https API connection. After processing the check-functions the results are delivered via passive check.

Checks can be config/alert related, like alertstate, overallStatus,Services running on ESX-Hosts or Snapshotage of a VM.

Also Performancecounters and Externalchecks can be queried and condfigured with the JSON configuration File.

A Full documentation will follow soon.
For now please use this:
https://github.com/AlexanderStock/cloudviewer/wiki --> in buildup

!!!!The Installation of the VMWare Perl SDK is required here!!!! --> will be documented

Update 0.2.0:

- fixed many smaller Bugs
- many options for Nagios Services can now be defined in the JSON FIle

Update 0.1.9:

- Integrated commandlineoption --dir for both scripts in the JSON File

Update 0.1.8:

- JSON Configurtiondata directive now hardcoded in script
- DRS Check improved
- DAS Check now called HA Check
- Component Check added (checking for software or firmware versions)
- Name Schema for VMs changed (added the VM ID from vCenter to Nagios Hostname for Unique VM name in a vCenter)
- Regular Expressions can now be used in Blacklist and Whitelist

Update 0.1.6:

- Fixed some Bugs with Alert and Issue Function
- Fixed a Bug in Host-Services Function
- Fixed a Bug in Performance Function

Update 0.1.5:

- fixed some smaler bugs
- added support for Externalcheck timeperiod