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bycorshamjim, February 19, 2014
The sourceforge page and the nagios.org address seem both no longer to be maintained now.

NagTrap was a great tool for pushing traps in to a MySQL database for viewing, but for larger installations, the method for querying each host from Nagios for traps in the database was hugely inefficient. I'm still using NagTrap to store traps for a short while in the database so I can view and search them easily, but I use an exec from the snmptt config to submit trap events to Nagios via the command pipeline passively as it's more efficient than querying the NagTrap database using an active service check (and will work even if something goes wrong with the database).
bycorshamjim, January 31, 2011
It's not obvious what this script is checking unless you delve in to the perl code. It looks to me like it's simply checking if any of the disks has the error flag set. There is no option for example to warn on specific percent disk full, nor does this plugin generate any performance data.
bycorshamjim, May 12, 2010
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I found these plugins very easy to use thank you. Some reliability problems with a couple of them though. I have found more recent versions are available at https://secure.opsera.com/svn/opsview/trunk/opsview-core/nagios-plugins/ which so far seem to be better.
bycorshamjim, March 12, 2010
The link to http://nexsm.gridshield.net is broken and there doesn't seem to be any reference to NEXSM on the gridshield.net website.

NEXSM is an extremely useful addon if you can install it, but for the time being I wonder whether it is any longer under active development?
This add-on neatly adds the ability to set up recurring down-time for hosts or services with a web front-end which integrates well with the standard Nagios gui.

Version 3 of this add-on is now available for users of Nagios 3. Check out Steve's support forum at http://www.steveshipway.org/forum/ (under "Nagios: Interoperability, Plugins and Utilities") for the latest on this.
This wrapper script is useful if you want to run plugins on remote Unix servers from cron and return the results to Nagios using nsca.

Note that on some Unix/Linux operating-systems, the format of the test (or [ ]) command differs, so you may need to replace "==" with "=" to get this script working on your chosen OS.