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Responsive HTML Email Notifications Templates for Nagios

3 votes
Current Version
2.1.1 (1011)
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
  • Nagios Fusion
Network Monitoring Software - Download Nagios XI
Log Management Software - Nagios Log Server - Download
Netflow Analysis Software - Nagios Network Analyzer - Download
A notification plugin for Nagios to figure out if responsive or none-responsive HTML emails are to be sent to the contact person's email address.
Responsive HTML Email Notifications Templates for Nagios

Go to GitHub link above, to get the files.

Here are two php built scripts, one for sending Host Notifications and one for sending Service Notifications, as Responsive HTML email messages from your Nagios server.

Copyright (©) 2017 Heini Holm Andersen hhan@mail.fo

* Copy the php-html-email folder to the Nagios plugins directory (usually named 'libexec') and make sure all files are owned by the user nagios uses and also that all files are made executable by the nagios user!
Then configure Nagios.

Nagios Configuration:
* For the host and services notification alerts, add these lines to your Nagios commands file (usually located in the Nagios configurations directory and named 'objects') as command definitions:
# 'notify-host-by-email-html' command definition
define command {
command_name notify-host-by-email-html

# 'notify-service-by-email-html' command definition
define command {
command_name notify-service-by-email-html

* Now that the command object has been configured, you must tell your contacts to use this new command. I have a generic-contact template that all of my individual contacts inherit from, thus I only have to update the template to use the new command, like seen here below:

define contact{
name generic-contact
register 0
service_notification_commands notify-service-by-email-html
host_notification_commands notify-host-by-email-html

Restart Nagios to pick up the changes.
Reviews (2)
bynishith, June 17, 2021
The said plugin is working properly. No need to make more efforts.

Just follow the instructions given & you're good to go.
bySorianoTech, September 8, 2020
I just modify the path of my plugin in the definition commands.


for this one...

command_line /opt/Custom-Nagios-Plugins/php-html-email/nagios_host_mail