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Citunius Notifier - Notification Plugin for Instant Messengers

Current Version
Last Release Date
Compatible With
  • Nagios 3.x
  • Nagios 4.x
  • Nagios XI
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Citunius Notifier - Notification Plugin for Instant Messengers
This is a Business Bot (Chatbot) for Nagios Notifications using the Citunius's Business Bot Platform (Chatbot platform) extends Nagios with Instant Messages capabilities for Push Notifications. Nagios Notification is provided as on-premise and cloud solution and is ready to go within few steps.
Citunius Notifier is a chatbot that extends your existing monitoring tools with instant messaging.

Citunius Notifier is an easy integration for Nagios adding the power of the Citunius Business Bot platform to extend your capabilities with instant messaging. It forwards alerts from your monitoring tool to notify managers and administrators via instant message (e.g., Microsoft Skype for Business™, Telegram™ Messenger, and Facebook Messenger™). Moreover, the chatbot allow you to interact with your monitoring tool to perform basic queries.

Main features:
- Immediate Notification: Manage all your notifications as Instant Messages (e.g., Microsoft Skype for Business™, Telegram™ Messenger, and Facebook Messenger™)
- Reliable Alerts: Most monitoring tools send emails or SMS and hope for the best. Thanks to the Business Bot Platform, the Nagios notification plugin supports multiple ways to deliver your notification as Instant Message to various Instant messengers such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Telegram Messenger
- Automatic Escalation: Manage critical situations by receiving critical alerts. Using Citunius notification plugin allow you to escalate to the next person in the chain through an instant message, if the primary person does not respond (in case of vacation, education or illness).
- Dialog Communication: The plugin represents a part of our Business Bot (Chatbot) allows you to communicate with your administrator and manager to initiate further actions
- Customizible: Define the logic of your Business Bot for your personal needs and company processes (e.g., acknowledge an alert by simply pressing the 'OK' button)
- Centralized Management: Centralized management of Business Bots (Chatbots) for all your monitoring tools in one place using an open chatbot platform

For more information, refer to our documentation at:
[EN] https://library.citunius.de/products/bbpi-nagios/documentation/en/index.html
[DE] https://library.citunius.de/products/bbpi-nagios/documentation/de/index.html